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Instant Pot Mushroom Soup in 8 minutes

Asian soup

I love mushroom soup, but I prefer mine broth-like and not creamy. This wonderful Asian style recipe can be cooked in 8 minutes in the Instant Pot and will not disappoint. (Of course experienced Instant Pot users know that it requires a little time to heat up and release steam as well as cook).
If you don't have an Instant Pot it can cook on the stove top covered for about an hour.

instant pot
You can make this soup on the stove top too- It will just take longer than an Instant Pot -

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer

It is the perfect light comfort soup and is full of healthy good for you ingredients. Use it as a starter for a meal or add some cooked rice noodles or brown rice to make it a little more filling.

Our local farmer's market has had a nice variety of mushrooms this week. I bought a pint of shitake and a few large really firm white mushrooms. For the remainder of the soup, I used the vegetables I had in the kitchen .

chopped soup vegetables
I used purple cabbage only because it is what I had- green cabbage would work great!

Mushrooms are good for you- they are low in calories, high in fiber, and provide Vitamin D and many other valualbe nutrients. 

Naturally gluten free and vegan, this soup is a good choice for company or for any night of the week. Actually, I sometimes eat it for breakfast which is a custom in many Asian countries.

Asian mushroom soup
I used red cabbage so there is a reddish color; you could use green cabbage

Are you familiar with Ponzu sauce? It is a light citrus flavored Japanese sauce which is like a soy sauce. The one I get is gluten free and vegan. Wanajshan Ponzu Citrus Soy Sauce-

Weight Watchers: I label this soup 1 point because of the 1 drop of toasted sesame oil that is added to each bowl for serving- It gives it a great flavor- otherwise it is all vegetables! Healthy, filling, and delicious!


1/2 cup of vegetable broth to sautee ( or use olive oil spray)
1 large yellow onion, peeled and sliced thinly in half moons
4 cloves of fresh garlic, diced or 2 frozen cubes
6 shitake mushrooms, de -stemmed and then cleaned with a damp cloth and then sliced
2 very large or 4 medium firm white mushrooms, cleaned with a damp cloth and then sliced
2 cups of chopped red or green cabbage
2 medium carrots cleaned and sliced
1 cup of chopped celery
1 cup of chopped parsley
2 sprigs of fresh sage
small handful of fresh thyme
1/2 ( of your )  finger sized of fresh ginger , cleaned, peeled and chopped ( see below how to peel fresh ginger the easiest way) 
4 cups of good tasting vegetable broth
6 cups of water
freshly ground black pepper 
Add a drop or two of ponzu sauce to taste and a tiny drop of toasted sesame oil to each bowl before serving- or season the soup -this is part of the recipe not an optional

Add 1/2 cup vegetable broth to the instant pot ( or spray with olive oil) and turn on sautee function. Sautee garlic, onions, and mushrooms in the Instant Pot with the lid off for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Switch to cook mode, cover and seal pot- and set for 8 minutes. When done, allow pressure to self release for at least 5-10 minutes and then release pressure according to your Instant Pot's directions.

Why I love my Instant Pot?
If you are still wondering whether or not to invest in an Instant Pot I understand. I really didn't want another appliance to sit on my counter that I might never use. I can share that it is the appliance I now use the most. I LOVE MY INSTANT POT!! Everything seems to taste great made in the Instant Pot and the ease of one pot ( the insert comes out for quick easy cleaning) and the fast and easy cooking times makes my life easier.  I often think of the Disneyland Carousel of Progress that was originally at the New York Worlds Fair in the 1960's - I think they should add a new frame with the mother and father using the Instant Pot for progress!!

The Instant Pot comes in different sizes- 
I use the 6 qt size and it seems to be perfect!

It comes with a small recipe book but I also find wonderful easy recipes on the Pinterest, blogs, and the Internet

What else do I make? Soup, beans, lentils, vegetables, rice, quinoa, -pasta, casseroles - 
It also can be used as a slow cooker and it even comes in a 3 qt. size-  

Great Tip to Peel Fresh Ginger Easily                      

Just take the back of a spoon and lightly scrape the ginger.. The skin will come off easily and the ginger will ready to use. Once peeled , it grates easily for any recipe.

Great Tip; Freeze Leftover Ginger for another recipe
I often buy ginger but only need a small piece and the rest eventually goes bad. If you don't use all of your ginger right away, place the peeled leftover ginger in a ziplock baggie and freeze it. It will stay fresh for about 6 weeks (or more)  and will be available for your next recipe. Also, frozen ginger is easier to cut and grate.

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Wanajshan Ponzu Citrus Soy Sauce

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  1. I had soup for the lunch today too. Your IP mushroom looks delightful!

    1. It was delicious and I love that I can make it in 8 minutes!

  2. What could be more delicious, easy to make, and nutritious? Recipe is great.

    1. Nancy,
      The Instant Pot certainly helps make cooking easier. My mother used to use a pressure cooker all the time but it hissed and jiggled and scared me. The new Instant Pot's seem so much safer!

  3. I haven't heard of Ponzu sauce -- now I have to look for it. We have a lot of farmer's markets in my area but no one is selling mushrooms! Fortunately, I can get a good variety at the grocery store.

    1. I use it because I can find gluten free- I also like the citrus taste

  4. It is definitely soup weather here at the moment, and we do like mushrooms. Maybe something new to try.

    1. I happen to like soup even in very hot weather- we must be on opposite ends of the world as it is 95 degrees hot humid and sunny- but I do still like soup!!

  5. Good idea about keeping ginger!

    best ... mae at

    1. Mae,
      I used to struggle with ginger until I discovered these tips!

  6. I do love a good mushroom soup, but usually prefer the creamier version. Though an Asian take with shiitake mushrooms sounds very good.

    1. Claudia,
      I am not a creamed soup lover- so a clear nice broth works for me- try it you might like it

  7. This sounds good but I don't like mushrooms so I'd add potatoes instead. I'll have to look for ponzu sauce because I've never heard of it before.

    1. Potatoes probably would be good too- interesting substituition

  8. I'll eat mushroom soup brothy or creamy. This looks really yummy. I love Ponzu sauce too. ;-) Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week.

    1. I will have to try a creamy version- but it just seems so heavy to me..

  9. This looks very tasty :) Yes please. Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The #Weekendbloghop

    1. Claire,
      If you like Asian food - this is your soup!! so good

  10. I can imagine how fabulous this tastes, Judee! I can never get enough of healing broth type soups like this one.


    1. I'm with you- a healing type broth hits the spot - I much prefer it over a creamy heavy soup

  11. We will really enjoy your delicious Mushroom Soup and so fast in the Instant Pot! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday.
    Miz Helen

  12. Gotta get myself an instapot - Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party - have a great rest of the week.

  13. I love mushrooms and this looks delish! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. I love the picture of all the cut up veggies - so colorful (and chopping is my favorite part of cooking). This looks so savory and I love the addition of ponzu sauce. Plenty of umami flavors here!


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