Sunday, March 25, 2018

Open Faced Sandwich with Roasted Veggies- Quick Lunch Idea

Looking for a quick but healthy lunch idea? Open faced sandwiches hit the spot!
 I had some leftover roasted vegetables from the roasted vegetable tray I made for company last night ,so I decided to make myself a treat for lunch. 

I took a slice of gluten free bread ( Aldi's is my favorite) - topped it with some farmer cheese ( you could use cottage cheese) - and decorated it with my leftover roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic, and and roasted yellow peppers.  

Although simple, the colorful open faced sandwich  is absolutely delicious and nutritious.

Most people don't think about roasting cherry tomatoes, but  they make a wonderful roasted veggie.
 I simply cut them in half , add some fresh garlic, toss in olive oil ( of I spray with olive oil spray) and roast for about 20 minutes. They hold together well but are soft and flavorful. I try to buy organic to avoid the pesticides.

Cherry tomatoes from my garden last summer 

Roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted yellow pepper strips need only about 20 minutes in a pre heated oven at 425 degrees. It's a quick and easy way to dress up any meal. Especially in the summer when you are over run with cherry tomatoes.. ( see my cherry tomato soup recipe) .

You can top off any sandwich with cold roasted vegetables - leftover roasted veggies become a wonderful condiment. It's a great way to use up leftover roasted veggies ... 

My Notes
1. Since roasted veggies are kosher for Passover, try this on gluten free matzoh for Passover 
2. Substitute roasted asparagus

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  1. That's a great lunch idea! I had lots of roasted veggies today too.

    1. Angie,
      I know, roasted veggies are the best on everything

  2. Love those roasted veggies! Good and colorful too!

    1. Yes, they do make a nice presentation and are very appetizing with the colors

  3. Roasted veggies are so delicious on a sandwich! Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week. ;-)

    1. I very seldom make a sandwich- but you have inspired me with your amazing sandwiches

  4. I love open faced sandwiches especially when they are topped with such good things!

    1. I think open face is the only way to go.. who needs two pieces of bread??


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