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Chia Seed Eggs

What is a "Chia Egg" ?

For those who are allergic to eggs or for those who choose not to eat eggs, baking and cooking can be a challenge. However, did you know that there are many simple substitutes you can use, including the "Chia Egg ."

The chia egg  is something you make, not buy. It is so simple even a child can do it. You simply mix ground chia seeds or ground flax seeds with water and allow them to sit until it thickens to a viscous substance (scroll down for exact recipe)

Did you know that you can use chia seeds to replace eggs in a recipe? 
You can make a "chia seed egg" !.

These simple egg substitutes are perfect if are allergic to eggs or if you are vegan. Chia seeds can be a healthy replacement for eggs in most baked products like muffins, cakes, and cookies.
Chia seeds add very little taste to the finished product, but they do the job of the egg and also add a powerhouse of nutrients to the recipe.
These little seeds become gel like when they are in liquid, making them a perfect base for chia pudding recipes and a perfect egg replacer in baking recipes. 

Here is the formula per egg. If your recipe calls for 2 eggs, double the recipe.

According to nutritional charts, chia seeds are nutritional powerhouses. 
They have: 
  • 7 times the Omega 3 per ounce of an ounce of salmon. 
  • They have more protein than any other seed
  • Provide as much calcium as milk per ounce.
  • Are a complete protein. 
  • In addition, they contain boron for healthy bones and significant amounts of B vitamins
  • The nutritional information was certainly a surprise! However, ounce per ounce we probably eat much smaller amounts of chia seeds than the other foods.
  • Interested in more reasons to eat Chia seeds ?- Read my article why I eat chia seeds every day
It sounds like they are worth adding to your diet especially if you are gluten free and have greater difficulty absorbing nutrients.  Even if you use eggs, you can still add chia seeds to most baked recipes.

My Notes: 
I've tried using chia seed egg replacer in my recipes that call for up to 2 eggs. It may work, but I haven't tried a recipe that calls for like 5 or 6 eggs. It's great to remember if you ever are out of eggs!

Have you used a chia egg in your recipes?
What was  your experience? 
Do you grind the chia seeds first? Please leave a comment..

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Author: Judee Algazi

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