Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Watermelon, Mint and Orange Blossom Water

watermelon balls and chopped herbs

There is nothing more refreshing than cold watermelon on a hot summer's day.
If you really want to make it exotic, try adding  drops of orange blossom water or fresh mint,

 Orange blossom water is  an extract that can be purchased in some supermarkets and most ethnic stores ( Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek, etc.) It is inexpensive ( about $4.00 a  bottle from an ethnic store). It is very delicious and has the most divine fragrance that turns ordinary watermelon balls into an exotic treat! It makes a perfect offering for company, but it's so easy to make you could treat yourself any time you like.

Lately, I have been cutting my watermelons in half and then scooping it into melon balls. It looks so pretty, is easy to eat and truthfully really doesn't take much longer to make the little melon balls than cut up the whole melon. The greatest benefit is that there is hardly any waste of the watermelon , and I only make the one cut with the knife, making it easier on me.

Watermelon Juice

After I scoop out all the little balls, there is a huge amount of juice that accumulates in the shell of the melon. I pour the watermelon juice into a class and someone always enjoys it as a healthy refreshing drink.

Watermelon Smoothies

I also scrape the remaining parts from between the melon ball scoops and save that as well for smoothies. I'm telling you there is no waste this way. ( when i cut it off the rind, I usually get too close and loose some of the melon.)

The other day I had a group of women over, and I served the watermelon balls three ways.

  • watermelon balls soaked in orange blossom extract
  • watermelon balls tossed in freshly chopped mint
  • watermelon balls tossed and soaked 

I put out toothpicks and they"  "noshed" at their discretion. No one had ever had orange blossom extract before, and I can tell you it was a big hit. Of 6 women, everyone commented, raved, and kept going back for the soaked orange blossom ones. So, this is no ordinary recipe. Try it , you'll like it..

watermelon and mint
The green is cut up fresh mint 

                            watermelon balls, fresh mint and orange blossom water
If you are unfamiliar with orange blossom water. It's the exotic flavor that you taste in Baklava and other and Middle Eastern pastries. It is a perfumy tasting extract that adds a delightful flavor.

Cool Off With Orange Blossom Water and aah!! 

It's sensational on watermelon and is also fabulous on a washcloth to cool you down. ( Fill a bowl with water and some ice cubes- add a few drops of orange blossom water-

  1. Use it as a foot bath 
  2. dip the wash cloth in the cold water and wring it out. - Place it on your forehead. 
  3. You will immediately be cooled off and the aromatherapy of the fragrance will be heavenly. I've been to spas that do the washcloth thing)

Ingredients for the watermelon treat!

1 watermelon, cut in half and then scooped into melon balls.( Use the portion you like)
1/4 cup or more of orange blossom water for an entire watermelon
If you are  serving a medium bowl of melon balls ,  use 1 teaspoon of orange blossom
1 cup of watermelon juice or water


Put watermelon balls into a medium sized bowl.
Mix orange blossom water and liquid ( juice or water) in a cup. Pour on top of watermelon balls until saturated.
Allow to soak in the refrigerator until well chilled.
Pour off any liquid . Place in a nice dish and serve.

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bottle of orange blossom water
Bottle of Orange Blossom Water
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  1. Yummy! I love watermelon and would never have thought to add orange blossom or mint flavor. Sounds so good and refreshing. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

    1. Jann,
      I know that most people are not familiar with orange blossom water, but it is amazing. Hope you will try it

  2. Such a pretty drink and it truly does sound super refreshing! Thanks for sharing on the Four Seasons Party.

    1. Terry,
      Refreshing is definitely the word.Perfect for this heat spell

  3. This sounds so refreshing and I have a watermelon to cut.

  4. This looks beautiful and refreshing. Thanks so much for sharing with the Let's Get Real party.

    1. Gaye,
      Watermelon is a must in the summer and this is an elegant way to serve it.

  5. This sounds quite refreshing! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. Sounds delicious, Judee! Thanks for sharing at Savoring Saturdays! :)

  7. Hi Judee,
    There is nothing quite like watermelon served in attractive and tasty ways to liven up a summer party! That's why I love your watermelon balls in orange blossom water! I love to make watermelon balls and serve them in a halved watermelon at my summer events. Thank you so much for sharing these healthy and delicious treats with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! We will enjoy them!

    1. It is definitely watermelon season and nothing is better on a hot humid day

  8. Joe,
    thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. This watermelon idea makes a beautiful presentation and tastes divine!

  9. Sounds delicious! I am familiar with Rose water, but Orange Blossom water sounds so exotic. I cannot find it locally, but there is a Wegman's about 20 minutes from here. Do you think Trader Joe's would carry it?

    1. Chris,
      I do not believe Trader Jo has it.. Maybe Wholefoods and many supermarkets. A Middle Eastern or Indian store is best and cheapest..


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