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Paleo English muffins ( Quick)

Grain Free English Muffins on a plate

Grain Free English Muffins

Why am I making a Paleo recipe? I have been gluten free for 14 years, but I've only been grain free for 6 weeks and I'm trying add more variety to my grain free diet. Paleo baked recipes are usually fabulous, low carb and healthy.  This recipe makes one muffin and only has 2.5 net carbs,

There are three reasons that I like a recipe which only makes one serving .
1. It's really quick and easy ( I can make it fresh for my own breakfast)
2. I won't over eat ( portion control) It only makes one muffin
3. Leftovers won't end up getting stale. ( sometimes I make things with coconut flour,  and if we don't eat it immediately by the next day it starts to dry out)

Did I mention that I'm trying to lose weight ( yes again- that 10 pounds just won't stay away) and low carb works best for me not only for weight loss, but to also help stabilize my blood sugar. I've been eating mostly vegetables, salads,  nuts, and proteins but I'm craving something more. I think this low carb grain free English muffin will do it for me ! AND Since I'm doing low carb, I can put butter on it! Yum!

I would consider following the ever popular Paleo diet, but as a vegetarian, it would be difficult and  limiting. I think the Paleo concept and way of eating is a good one. I think in general we eat way too many processed foods and too much sweets ( even fruit) .

Beware! Today's fruit is not like fruit of years ago. Today's fruit is much bigger, much sweeter, and much more plentiful. People used to eat fruit in season- they even gathered their own berries and ate less of it. That may have been a good thing.

Today's fruit is mostly hybrids that have been developed to be larger, sweeter, and more beautiful . The larger size and sweeter fruit may be more than our blood sugar can handle. I believe that today's fruit is just way too full of sugar (Despite being a fruit lover) . I've cut back on the amount I eat, and truthfully I feel better and my blood sugar is more stable. I concentrate on eating berries which are the lowest glycemic index fruits. ( My change in attitude was a result of reading Wheat Belly by Dr, Davis and Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter- two new books by doctors who say grain and sweets are setting us up for diabetes, all kind of autoimmune disorders, arthritis, skin problems, and even brain fogginess, learning problems and dementia.

Prior to making the change in my diet to lower carb, I had been feeling tired, foggy, and had a lot of mood swings. I was craving sweets and overeating. Since I cut out the grain and limit the fruits- I actually do feel better. I feel like I'm less foggy, I stopped craving sweets, and the mood swings are gone. I have more energy too.

Back to the recipe: I saw thie grain free Paleo bread recipe that I'm making today on a site called Simply Vegetarian Paleo  . The site posts recipes authored by lots of different bloggers.

This particular Paleo English Muffin recipe came from a healthy blog called Beauty and The Foodie.  .I liked the blog so much , I am now a follower. Kathy posts lots of recipes worth checking out. Apparently there are ways to be a vegetarian and follow the Paleo diet. This is my adaption of Kathy's recipe.

Author of this recipe: Judee Algazi
Prep Time:

1 egg beaten
1 Tablespoon of Almond Milk
1 Tablespoon of coconut flour **( if you are not on a grain free diet, you could try gf flour mix)
1/2 Tablespoon of coconut oil ( or olive oil)
1/8 teaspoon of aluminum free baking powder
optional: if you like it a little sweetness  add 1/2 tsp honey and 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Beat the egg in a bowl add then  remainder of ingredients and mix with a fork until smooth. Transfer batter to a single ramekin and bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes.( Stacy from  Beauty and The Foodie  said you can also microwave the ramekin for 1 and half minutes -I don't usually microwave if I can help it, - but it would be fast)

Once baked. Take a knife and loosen the sides of the ramekin and the muffin will slide right out. When cool enough to handle, slice the muffin in half and toast it in a frying pan, making sure to press it down.
 It's uncanny  how it looks exactly like an English Muffin. 

** MY Notes: Personally, I liked it but it didn't exactly taste like an English Muffin to me. It tasted a little egg-ier at first. However, I found a way that I did think it tasted more like an English muffin. After toasting and cooling, I placed it in the refrigerator uncovered for a few hours. It wasn't as eggy and was dry and crisp- more like an English Muffin.( you could probably put it in the fridge for 1/2 hour)

 Spread it with nut butter or fruit spread and enjoy. It holds together very well and is grain free, gluten free, healthy with the looks and has the consistency of an English muffin.

I now make mine the night before, and leave it in the fridge so I have it in the morning .

It's so fast an easy, why not try it for yourself and let me know your opinion.

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black ramekin
 My ramekin

black ramekin with batter
ramekin with batter

Paleo English Muffin
After baking 

untoasted English Muffin
I cut the baked muffin in half with a sharp knife

I placed the muffin halves in a sprayed pan and cooked on each side ( don't forget to flip it over) 

Place a plate on top of the two muffin halves to press them down or use a spatula

Paleo English Muffins

Paleo English Muffin with herbs
I made another batch with chopped herbs from my garden

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  1. These look really tasty! Even though they aren't vegan because of the egg, I might make them. They look easy and delish. Pinned to my Paleo board for future reference.

  2. Jen, try substituting flax for the egg.. It probably will turn out great!

  3. I'd love a grain free English Muffin. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe at Savoring Saturdays!

  4. I have copied this recipe and I am going to try this recipe. I will have to substitute the egg with milled chia seeds (since I have an allergy to eggs) thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays Blog Hop. I will share on Pinterest.

    1. Thanks Marla, I wonder how it will work with the egg substitute. Hop you like it. Remember, coconut flour needs liquid

  5. I like all of your reasons for making single serve recipes. All of them so true!
    I'm really on board with the batch made with herbs. Out of everything I grow, herbs have always been my favorite to cultivate and cook with. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I am so enjoying my herbs too. I feel like I'm still getting some potent nutrition.

  6. This recipe is ingenious! I am also a grain-free eater. (Almost all the time. I eat a little rice. But, then again, I do live in Singapore. It's hard to avoid rice.) I don't want to be paleo because I relish my full fat dairy items. But low carb is an idea that I can get behind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sarah,
      There are so many diets out there that claim to be the best way to eat. It is confusing. I do believe that grain free helps. Hope you enjoy these

  7. looks delicious paleo english muffins , thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop. pinning.

  8. Love the idea of an individual serving size English Muffin! It's great to have a healthier recipe too. Pinned to my Paleo board on Pinterest and will tweet too. Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul hop, Judee!


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