Thursday, March 6, 2014

I lost Weight Eating lots of Cheese and Butter

butter and cheese on gluten free A-Z Blog

It's hard to believe , but I actually lost weight eating a diet full of cheeses and butter. I love butter, and on a low carb diet I can eat cheese and butter freely without gaining weight. In fact, I actually lose weight quickly and lose my cravings!!!!!
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Sometimes, I can't get a hold of my cravings! I feel out of control.. It's at those desperate times that I turn to low carbs!

Over the last 5 days, I've eaten a considerable amount of creamy organic butter and sliced hard cheese and I've lost 5 pounds. Of course, I've totally restricted eating carbs including not eating fruit at all. I did eat salad and vegetables. Low carb diets really can help you drop weight quickly

What did I eat on my 5 day low carb diet? In addition to butter, sour cream, eggs, cheese, and nuts , I ate lots of  green and white veggies ( as opposed to red or yellow- which contain lots of sugar)

The Vegetables I ate
Romaine lettuce
Fresh dill
Fresh basil
fresh parsley
small amounts of tomato  ( 1/4 cup chopped)
very small amounts of grated carrot for color only
seaweed ( nori roasted)

I'm a vegetarian so I  ate vegetarian protein
The Protein
Hard cheese
fresh Mozzarella balls
Mozzarella sticks
Goat Cheese
Blue Cheese

I ate lots of fat:
The Fats
Cream cheese
Organic Sour Cream
Blue cheese dressing
Almond milk
Haas avocado
Organic Butter
nuts ( in limitation about 20 day)

Also mustard

My Meals. What did I make?

Egg salad with fresh dill, chopped parsley, celery and mayo
Omelets with mushrooms and melted cheese cooked in butter
Roasted kale chips and roasted mushrooms in olive oil
Celery sticks and romaine lettuce leaves and blue cheese dressing.
Cut up cucumber, celery , and romaine leaves with cream cheese dip
cauliflower sauteed in butter and sprinkled with cheddar cheese
Fresh Mozzarella balls and fresh basil and olive oil and a few cherry tomatoes
Mashed avocado with chopped celery and fresh squeezed lemon eaten with romaine lettuce leaves
Riced cooked cauliflower with melted butter
Fresh Spinach and garlic soup
Mushroom, Cilantro ( and feta) Omelet
creamy broccoli soup 
cauliflower cheese fritters 
Marvelous Mini Quiches for breakfast or lunch ( mushroom, spinach, or broccoli)
Steamed Artichokes and Lemon ( couldn't be more simple and yet very tasty)
gluten free quiches
steamed artichokes

I felt extremely gluttonous eating all that rich food. , but I also felt satisfied and happy and never once craved sugar or had any other cravings. I ate as much as I wanted of all the low carb vegetarian foods and l I lost 5 pounds effortlessly, got off sugar, and feel great.

I feel that I ate too many eggs and way too much cheese to make this a daily diet..

I'll try to keep the next week lower in carbs than normal, but I love fruit and don't think hard cheese is that healthy. But it was a quick fix that stopped my cravings , and it worked easily ....

What is a low carb diet? 
It's a diet that contains a very low carbohydrate count. In my case, I ate about 35 ish carbohydrates/day.. I really didn't count ; I estimated
If you struggle with weight. You'll understand.
creamy broccoli soup

vegan cream of broccoli on Gluten Free A-Z Blog
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egg salad and tomatoes on gluten free A-Z Blog
Egg salad and olives... I ate only one tomato slice
cauliflower riced
Riced raw cauliflower then cooked with butter

Riced Cauliflower

Salad with avocado

guacomole recipe

mixed nuts

vegan stuffed mushrooms

Vegan Stuffed Raw Mushrooms with pesto

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  1. A great list, and an inspirational post.

  2. Butter?! For real?! I've always thought of butter as one of the things that make you fat.

    1. It can if you eat it with a lot of carbs, but on a low carb diet, it is almost a freebie..

  3. I really needed this post today. I just started my low carb eating 3 days ago. I have had great success with it in the past, even when I overeat on the nuts! The thing I miss most is potatoes!! I LOVE potato soup. I made a recipe yesterday that uses mostly cauliflower and onion with a little carrot and potato in it. Its just not the same. Thanks for the encouragement and the list of foods. I'm going to print it!

    1. I sauteed cauliflower in butter and scallions, later added a little vegetable broth in the skillet and cooked until soft. I took 2/3 cooked cauliflower to 1/3 broth and put in my nutribullet. It tasted like creamy potato soup to me.. I topped with chopped dill

  4. We've been following a low-carb diet for quite some time now. Some doctors don't want to admit it, but studies are showing that people with high cholesterol have lowered their numbers eating the extra fats and lowering the carbs. My hubby is one of them. I absolutely love whole cream in my coffee -- highlight of my day!

  5. These recipes sound great! Can't wait to give them a try!

  6. Cheese and butter are beneficial to health. great post


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