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Roasted Winter Squash for Thanksgiving

                            butternut, acorn, pumpkin, and spaghetti squash

What is more appropriate for the Thanksgiving dinner than winter squash ? It's the perfect fall vegetable. Below is a recipe for a medley I made using acorn squash, but all winter squash are seasonal and plentiful right now and taste amazing roasted. Of course it's vegan and gluten free.

Acorn squash can sometimes be one of the blander squashes, but I find that it becomes sweet, meaty and tasty when roasted. It was easy to work with because I didn't remove the skin ( I don't eat it, but I'll explain later) Don't try to peel the acorn squash! It's too difficult , and there is no need to peel it.
Can you smell the fragrant apple and cinnamon? What a fabulous flavor it adds to the acorn squash and sweet beets . It makes a beautiful presentation and is absolutely delicious. Roasting brings out the best in all vegetables , and I wasn't disappointed with the acorn squash , beets, and apple mixture. I used this  medley because it happened to be what I had in the house, and it tuned out great. A perfect healthy side for Thanksgiving , especially a vegan, vegetarian or gluten free Thanksgiving.


The acorn squash was succulent, the beets indescribable, and the apples and cinnamon  tender and delicious. I sprinkled some ruby red uncooked fresh organic cranberries ( Trader Joe's ) on top for some added color and a little tartness.
Roasting veggies is easy. Just cut the vegetables up, spray with olive or coconut oil, lay them on a cookie sheet ( I cover with parchment paper) and put in the oven at 375 degrees until veggies are tender ( about 30 -45minutes depending on veggies and the size you cut them) , They are a low calorie side that is full of nutrients, fiber, and taste.

acorn squash

                            roasted winter squash

1 large acorn squash, halved, seeded and cut into wedges ( and then in half again)
1 large fresh beet, cut into large chunks
2 large organic apples, sliced thick
1/4 cup of organic cranberries for decoration

Feeds two as a side for dinner ( make 1 squash recipe per 2-3 persons)  Directions:

Directions: Place acorn squash, beet , and apple slices on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Spray generously with olive oil spray or coconut oil spray. Sprinkle the squash and apple with cinnamon. Bake for 30-45 minutes. spray again if needed. Eat immediately..
** the peel with come right off the squash after roasting or sometimes I eat the peel too..

Tips for other squashes:  I usually peel butternut squash . If you have a really sharp peeler, it works best. However, if you don't want to mess with peeling it, you can bake it whole or cut it in half and steam it.   Spaghetti squash  is also great baked with skin or cut in half and steamed.

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  2. Oh, this is gorgeous! And it must smell absolutely tantalizing before you finally get to enjoy it ... :)

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  4. Great combo of vegetables - really love the idea of putting beets and apples in with the various squash.

  5. I'm convinced that roasting is the best way to cook most vegetables. Great idea to add apples and cranberries to the roasted squash. Very pretty too.
    Thank you for sharing, Judee.

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  7. I love roasting veggies, it's actually the only way I like to eat beets, LOL. Thanks so much for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  8. I love all the colors, my husband hates beets, but knows how good they are so he is willing to try some other way than how his mom prepared them. Our friend says they are best baked, so I have to pin this to my veggie board. Thanks for continuing to share on Real Food Fridays, come on back tonight.

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