Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Live to Be 100+

Fannie Krosnick 
My paternal grandmother lived to be a healthy 107 years old
Born in Russia, came to US alone at age 16, and died in NJ at 107.
She died about 20 years ago.
 That was amazing because statistics tell us that only about 1 out of 5, 000 people who live in America live to be 100! According to statistic, it seems that people are healthier and live longer in other parts of the world.

Life expectancy for woman in America is 80.. but are they healthy?
7 Day Adventists ( who are vegetarians, nature walkers, etc) -- live much much longer and are healthier

What improves those statistics? Well, there are lots of factors, but food, lifestyle, and community certainly play a part.
  • Plant based diet is consistent for longevity- green plants
  • Not overeating- stop eating when stomach is only 80% full
  • Being active all your life- walking, working, socializing
  • Family and community interaction is top on the list..Belonging is top on the list
  • In America we have a work life and then we retire.. not so in countries where people have greater longevity!! People continue to have a purpose and live actively until they die

I found a Ted Talks on You tube that explains all about " How to live to Be 100+.
It was very inspiring.. Our food and lifestyle does affect longevity and health!
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  1. This is very interesting!! The American diet is the worst!!

  2. Good on you for posting this video! It is true enough!

  3.! In general Americans are not very active. Add in poor diets and that's a bad mix. Thanks for sharing, Judee.

  4. What a great photograph! I think you've hit the nail spot on with the list you've shown of how to live longer. Community isn't often shown as a factor but I think it's a really big part, as much as a healthy diet is.

    I found your blog via the Hearth & Soul Blog Hop this week :)


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