Sunday, October 28, 2012

The calm before the storm ( Frankenstorm??)

We are buckling down ( literally)  in anticipation of the storm.

My husband tied down all of our chairs, we put the rest of the outside furniture in the garage, and moved lots of small herb planters inside.

We received a telephone recording from our township telling us that tomorrow on Monday, no cars are allowed on the road. That means we are in a state of emergency and of course no one can go to work.

We have lost power many times in previous storms, so we bought some bottled water and some items that can be eaten without refrigeration or cooking.

I went to the supermarket and was surprised to notice that all the avocados ( usually they have a large display) were wiped out. A woman next to me commented that she thought that it was a bizarre item to be wiped out. As we started talking, we both said, you know green avocados will last a few days before ripening and are actually healthy and filling. In another area we noticed a four bag avocado item and both of us rushed over to buy it. It was the last thing I thought I would be buying. ( Power of suggestion).

In an effort to buy things that don't need refrigeration, I also bought some gluten free pretzels,some pistachio nuts, some bananas, and we already have a few cans of beans.

We are set with candles, a first aid kit, flash lights and hope we won't have to use any of them.

I took some pictures of the before the storm. I'll take a picture of this same tree after the storm.

Before the Storm!
The farm at my corner before the storm.

Let's hope and pray that everyone will be safe and make it through the storm safe and sound.
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  1. Stay safe! Having spent two hurricane seasons in the Caribbean, I understand what you all are going through! Scary times for all of you on the east coast.

    1. It hasn't hit full force yet. Expecting the "eye" in a few hours. Thanks. We are hoping for the best.

  2. For your sake, I hope the weather forecasters were premature in their forecast and it is a milder storm than they predict. Stay safe!

  3. Good luck, Judee!!! Sending all my best hopes and thoughts to you out there ....

  4. Thanks . It looks like we are going to need it!! Supposed to get bad later tonight!!


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