Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blogging on an iPad update !!

UPDATE!!!!!!Blogging on the iPad update!  I Still need suggestions and comments!

I've decided that there is no way to comfortably blog on an iPad!!!!
 I am using the Blogsy App and I bought a keyboard
It takes forever and is not an exact science, so I am returning the iPad ( I like it in general, but can't blog well on it and it is too expensive to buy both)  and going to buy a laptop for blogging while traveling.
Do you agree or disagree? Please share!

 If anyone who blogs knows any reason  that I have overlooked why I should hold onto the iPad for blogging while traveling, before I buy a laptop for that purpose, Give me your suggestions now, or forever hold your peace... thanks..
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  1. I love my iPad for being able to check email, or Facebook etc but when we are traveling I use my husband's laptop for blogging!


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