Thursday, March 15, 2012

Got a cold? Great Ideas

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Fabulous Find #1
What a great idea! Got a bad cold? Keep germs from spreading.
Keep this handy idea by the bed, in the car, or on your desk at work, if you have a cold.
I found this fabulous tissue and trash idea ( and photo) at  Meck Mom

Photo from Meck Mom

Fabulous Find #2
Need to serve ice cream to a group of kids at a birthday party or any family celebration ? This is a fabulous idea from Real Simple
Click to find out the details.. works great! 
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                                                     Photo property of Real Simple

Fabulous Find #3
How to peel a full head of garlic in 10 seconds. You gotta see this one. I really works and I use it all the time now.This truly a fabulous idea is from ( and photo) from The Kitchn 
                                                                                  Photo property of The Kitchn 
      Photo property of The Grocery Cart Challenge
Fabulous Find #4
Burned Something?
Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge has an
Odor Be Gone Formula ( all natural) that works  great to 
clear out burned odor Gotta read it..

Fabulous Find #5 is quite a time saver and avoids the mess! This fabulous find comes from a helpful decorating site called In my own style

Photo property of In My Own Style

Fabulous Find #6
Leftover coffee. tea, lemonade, etc. ? Make ice cubes! The  next time you make iced coffe or iced tea or lemonade, you have the perfect cubes.
This fabulous find came from a blog called Hither and Thither
visit the blog for other great ideas.
            Photo property of Hither and Tither


  1. Thanks for visiting Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I'm so excited to be co-hosting this week! These are great ideas. I love Pinterest too!

    1. Congratulations on co-hosting. I'm glad that you like the do it yourself ideas that I shared on the hop

  2. They sure are fabulous finds! I do the coffee ice cubes a lot in the summer as a way to cool off.

    1. I am always on the look out for fabulous finds that make my life easier.

  3. I love this. Can't wait to check out some of these. Thanks for sharing this. It is invaluable.

    1. Thank you Chaya,
      I too like to find ideas that make my life easier. Glad you enjoyed them

  4. There are some great tips here. I especially like the ice cream scoops and freezing leftover drinks as ice cubes!

    1. I've actually tried the ice cream scoops and it works great!

  5. I love iced tea or coffee!

    Following your Pinterest and twitter. I am also inviting you to add/showcase this recipe and hop with other mom bloggers at

    See ya there! Have a great day:)

    The Quiet Mom at


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