Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fresh Berry and Rosewater Ice Cream

Where did I find fresh berry and rosewater organic ice cream? In an absolutely delightful organic ice cream parlor in L.A.

I just returned from a fabulous three week vacation which included five days in beautiful Glendale, California which is about 15 minutes ( or 2 hours if you've experienced Los Angelos traffic) from Beverly Hills.

Glendale is an adorable quaint little town with lots of restaurants, shops, theaters and cafes. Every night we took a ten block walk from our hotel to what is called , The Americanas. It is basically a center of activity that showcases an active fountain of dancing water, a larger than life golden statue of Zeus, a lit up replica of the Eiffel Tower, continuous melodies of Frank Sinatra type music piped in on a pa system, kiosks, upscale stores, restaurants, and a beautiful square which reminded me of being in Italy.

In the early evening, it was flourishing with lots of locals walking babies, seniors drinking coffee and chatting in the outdoor cafes, community teenagers enjoying the safety of a fun place to gather, and some tourists ( like us) taking advantage of the beautiful weather and exploring and enjoying the shopping and culinary treats.

On my first night there, I discovered the L.A.Creamery (  which hosted an array of  homemade all organic ice cream. I thought I was in heaven, and it was love at first bite.
Despite tasting a sample of many of the exotic flavors and delicious choices,  I stuck to the fresh berry ( organic blueberry and strawberry ) ice cream that was laced with the right touch of exotic rose water. I had it 4 nights in a row ( thank goodness for the 10 block walk up and back).

Yum.. fresh berry and cream ice cream

Berdi ( our helpful and very friendly server at the Creamery)

Day 1 of vacation still sticking to my diet

Day 20 of vacation eating my ice cream  
This is the closest I got to a celebrity

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  1. I'd never thought about using rosewater in ice cream. My grandmother used to put it in buns (with a bit of chocolate)... Hmmm rosewater chocolate ice cream...


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