Monday, November 15, 2010

Announcement About The Gluten-Free Global Community


Gluten Free A-Z Blog ( my blog) has just been added to the Gluten Free Global Community

Gluten Free Global Community

I would like to thank Carol Kicinski from Simply Gluten-Free for welcoming my blog, Gluten Free A-Z Blog, to be listed with The Gluten-Free Global Community. I am honored to be listed with so many  amazing gluten free bloggers.

I originally started my blog as an educational site for gluten-free eaters who were looking for tasty healthy gluten free recipes, resources and healthy eating tips. Prior to blogging , I had no idea how many dedicated,
talented, knowledgeable individuals write gluten free blogs all across the globe on a daily basis. The ideas, recipes, and inspiration are endless..

The blogs are not just informative, they are exciting and composed with color, creative artistry,exceptional  recipes,  stories, and personal sharing .  I am honored to be added to the list gluten free bloggers at  The Gluten-Free Global Community.

Click on the Gluten Free Global Community badge above  to be able to view a versatile long list of gluten free bloggers. Enjoy what they have to share.  
I am pleased to display The Gluten-Free Global Community Badge on my blog.

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