Saturday, January 9, 2021

Waterbirds in South Florida

I'm fortunate to spend my winters in South Florida where there are an abundance of parks and paths with beautiful foliage, waterbirds, and wildlife. 

I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos of the birds I encountered on my walk.

I live next to Haulover Beach Park that runs between Sunny Iseles Beach and Bal Harbor Beach. The park is about a mile and half long and encompasses the area between the Intracoastal and the ocean.

 It has a long walking path adjacent to the beach as well as a large expanse to walk near the intracoastal on what I call the marina side.

Wood, Stork, Endangered, Bird, Wildlife
On the intracoastal in Haulover Marina side park- wood stork - we saw a flock of these looking for fish 
 The area flourishes with lots of beautiful waterbirds such as pelicans, ibises,  blue herons, wood storks, gulls, egrets, and sandpipers. In addition, I see cardinals, blue jays, turkey buzzards, black birds, and other birds I don't know the names of in the trees.

Nature, Bird, Egret, Waters, Egret
Intracoastal Ibis or egret? 
Recently, I've started meeting my friends, Joel and Barbara, for walks in some of the other local parks. Joel is a Florida tour guide and Barbara, his wife,  is also very knowledgeable. 

Great Blue Heron, Pond, Bird, Feathers
Intracoastal - blue heron

On our last walk, we went to Arch Creek Park in North Miami. It is actually on the other side of the intracoastal and has a very interesting and old history and old trees and scrubs.

Arch Creek Park area was home to the Tequesta Indian village prior to the 16th century when the Europeans arrived. Arch Creek was named after a natural limestone bridge that spanned the park area and was 40 foot long. no photo of it..

Florida, Forest, Nature, Trees, Plant

This natural bridge was the originals " Gateway to Miami"and served as a bridge on the military trail back in the 1800's. Unfortunately, the natural bridge collapsed in the 1970's.  The park has a museum, trails, and home to beautiful birds and wildlife. For a more in-depth look at the park and additional information see Wikipedia 

Florida, Stream, Creek, Water, Nature

We stayed for 2 hours just exploring on our own with our friends. The temperature was around 72 and the sun was shining. A beautiful afternoon.

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  1. Looks like that you have been enjoying the nice warm weather in Florida. Beautiful birds!

  2. That looks idyllic! We were in South Florida just one year ago, but now can't travel, as you know.

    be well and safe... mae at

  3. beautiful. That trail through the woods is so could one not follow it?

  4. How nice that you can Spend the wintes someplace warm! And see such cool birds! I've heard of the shot Situation in FL. I hope you get yours.

  5. Nice birds!....I hope it is warm there these days!....take care!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I love to bird watch and this is beautiful! Have a wonderful winter in Florida!

  7. Florida has the best weather to spend winters. It all looks so beautiful.

  8. What a stunning walk. I know very few bird names and only would have recognized the heron :)

  9. Your photos are amazing! I would love to go to that part of the state to hike around the trails! Thanks for sharing! I'll put your blog on my sidebar to visit you again!

  10. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. The blue heron looked so regal!

  11. How beautiful! Love the gorgeous bird captures!

  12. You certainly see a variation of wild birds there

  13. Hi Judee. It both looks and from your description, seems an ideal place to bird. Nice temperatures too. We have ice and frost tonight. Snow inland from us on the coast. Your mystery bird is definitely an egret very similar to the European Little Egret.


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