Thursday, December 3, 2020

A Walking Youtube Routine for Pandemic

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I like to walk outdoors every morning, both for fresh air and movement. I have a walking buddy that I meet every morning. Sometimes when I'm alone, I ride a bike. However when it rains, I need to find an indoor way to exercise- Youtube offers amazing walking exercise videos. This is my favorite.

Lately, we had a lot of rain. My friend Vicki mentioned that she really liked a 30 minute routine that she found on Youtube by Leslie Sansone. 

I tried it and I REALLY liked it. 
I believe I get a much better work out with her boosted fitness walk than I do outdoors. 

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I walk when it's not crowded early in the morning 

Now I do both. I take my morning walk weather permitting and then later in the day or early evening I do her 30 minute boosted fitness walk. She offers a variety of programs including 1 mile walks- 5 mile walks-some for beginners and some more vigorous such as the one I linked. some of her routines are shorter than 30 minutes.

Leslie Sansone is delightful to watch and keeps you entertained and motivated during the entire video. It's a great way to have a walking buddy and get motivated and the doesn't matter what the weather. 

Don't get me wrong, I still like my outdoor walk- but I like this as a little more exercise to add to my routine. What kind of exercise have you been doing during the pandemic? Do you do any Youtube routines that you could share? Leave a comment at the very bottom of the page 


  1. I love youtube workouts and followed several yoga and workout channels much easier than to visit a gym or studio.

  2. I’ve moved part of my work out indoors too on a recumbent bike. I love it.

  3. good to move our body during Pandemyc....
    take care, stay healthy and virus free

  4. Yeah I also enjoy youtube video workouts. I follow a lady who goes by MadFit and another one named Caroline Girvan ... though she's tough. Hope you enjoy yours.

  5. I am not doing any YouTube exercise routines, unfortunately, Judee - so can't help you there. But the one you're doing sounds amazing - and anything you can do to change up your exercise routine and keep you engaged is a winner in my book. I've been loving my elliptical this year and I am so glad I have it!


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