Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to be a Perfect Mother

quote: how to be a perfect mother

I love quotes because so few words can be so inspirational.
 I found this beautiful quote about mothers just in time for Mothers Day and realized how many of us can be hard on ourselves for not feeling like we are perfect at being mothers ( or whatever we do).

In addition, many of us can also be hard on our own mothers ( or anyone) . We may harbor resentment because we felt or feel that they are not ( or were not) perfect.

Mothers Day is a time to let go of negative feelings of not being enough and realize no one is perfect but everyone does millions of little things that make them good at what they do!

Let' face it instead of the word mother, you could substitute the word father, sister, brother, son, daughter, friend, teacher, lover, neighbor, daughter in law, son in law, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, doctor, lawyer, blogger, writer, author, mechanic, plumber, etc. in that quote. It is such a good reminder that no matter who we are or what we do, we may not be able to be perfect, but there are millions of ways that we can and are really good at what we do.

We are often so hard on ourselves because we don't feel perfect, but we forget the millions of things we do for others that are helpful, loving, caring, important, successful, valuable, things that make others happy, little things we do to support others, listen to others, encourage others, the little things that all add up not to make us perfect, but to make us good at who we are or what we do .

Sometimes relationships are not perfect. 
All of us have or have had mothers, some of us are mothers or will be mothers, many of us are grandmothers. On this special day designated to honoring, acknowledging, and appreciating mothers, on this special day called Mother's Day, remember that your mother may not have been perfect, none of us are -but take this time to remember the millions of little things she did for you, the millions of encouraging words she said to you, the millions of little sacrifices she made for you, how she loved you and cared for you. She did the best she could- just like all of us!

Mothers Day is a day to count your blessings, it is a time for forgiveness of self and others, it is a time to be grateful  and reach out and acknowledge your mom, your sister, your grandmother, your friends and YOURSELF for the special people they are and the special person you are.

To all of the mothers out there, I say remember:
There is no way to be a perfect mother, but there are a millions ways to be a good one! ( and there are a million ways you probably are a good one. )

Be kind to yourself and remember all of the millions of good things you do -

Love Yourself and Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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