Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vegetarian Chopped Liver

This recipe is made with vegetables but actually taste like chopped liver. It is vegan and gluten free.

Does anyone eat real chopped liver? The fat content is so high.
Although, one of my father's favorite summer meals was a heaping bowl of fresh  blueberries with a whole pint of real sour cream. If that was not enough, he would wash it down with a large glass of whole fat milk that had been left on our doorstep that morning by the milkman.

My father was tall, strong, healthy, and slim despite his daily indulgences in real sour cream, butter, whipped cream, whole milk. I grew up in the early 1950's and 60's. Time of the Beatles, Elvis, black and white TV, and real food. We ate liver- an organ food loaded with cholesterol, bad fat ,and probably full of toxins.

My father liked his liver chopped. To please him, my mother spent what seemed like hours making the recipe. First, she  attached the big grinder to the counter top and then cooked the liver and onions and  pushed the liver, onions, and spices through that huge grinder to make the prized chopped liver.  It was a laborious job, but thats what people did in those days.

Was the food healthy? Who  knows? My family thrived on it.. my grandmother lived to a healthy old age of 107..

As for me, I am a vegetarian and choose foods  that I feel are healthier options.

This is my recipe for Vegetarian Chopped LiverIt takes about 20 minutes to make.

I call it  walnut pate , vegan pate or vegan chopped liver whatever name seems to fit when I am serving it .It is a delicious recipe and almost tastes like the real thing. It is made with walnuts and a little olive oil, which are both  touted for being very healthy fats rich in Omega 3. The remainder of the recipe is vegetables, so enjoy as a spread or even as a 1st course appetizer with wedges of ripe jersey tomatoes and crisp cucumber slices.  It is fast and easy to make and everyone ( except chopped liver haters) loves it.. I make it for company all the time and there is never a drop left over. Try it you will like it..

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Vegetarian and vegan chopped liver

1 can of petite sweet peas, drained ( I think canned works best , but try fresh or frozen, but thaw well and drain)
1 cup of walnut halves or pieces
2 very large onions, slice in half moons
3 Tablespoons olive oil

Spray a dutch oven with olive oil spray and add 3 T olive oil. Very slowly and stir often,  saute onions slices until caramelized and reddish. Set aside

Use a food processor with the sharp blade  Add nuts and pulse until coarsely ground not smooth.
Then add peas and cooked onions. sea salt and pepper to taste
Pulse until mixture is smooth.
Its done!
Put into a small domed bowl and let it sit for about 10 minutes in the refrigerator
Turn out onto a flat serving plate and decorate with tomato wedges and cucumber slices on the side.
Enjoy with gluten free crackers, crudites, or gluten free bread.

Visual Step by Step

Assemble Ingredients and slice onions in half moons

Pulse nuts in food processor

Saute onions until caramelized
Process onions, walnuts, peas in processor until smooth and creamy

turn contents over and serve as a dome
Disclaimer: These are not gluten free rolls, I took this picture when serving company
Gluten free rolls are available at Trader Joe's

Again please leave comments in the comment section at the end of this blog. It is nice to know who is reading my blog and what you think of the recipes and shared information. If you have a variation of the recipe that you make, PLEASE share it in the comments following each blog.. Everyone will enjoy the variety of ideas and interaction.


  1. Sounds like an interesting recipe. You reminded me of a tried walnut paté recipe that I haven't made in a while... Need to dig it up! If I find it again I'll share. Pureed tomato paste was an important ingredient, if I remember correctly.

    Now I'm hungry! LOL

  2. Thankyou...simple and delicious...
    I tried a few years back looking for a receipe and was not successful!!!
    So last night I decided to go on another journey again with your simple receipe for mock chopped liver and was so elated!
    I decided not to use the walnuts and it still was good...I did use a couple organic eggs
    Today I added in total with last night
    3 complete eggs and 4 egg whites
    I'm sure all egg whites would be tasty too!
    okay ...maybe at least one full egg!
    The pink sea salt and pepper was also very important to the wonderful remembering of the old taste of the liver from the old days ...as I am a 50's girl too!


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