Friday, February 15, 2019

Eat Pasta; Lose Weight

Book Review: The Mamma Mia! Diet

Can you eat pasta and lose weight?
Anything is possible and the authors say yes!

The Mamma Mia! Diet is a book and cookbook which explains how you can eat pasta, enjoy wine, and still lose weight. 

This less restrictive approach to dieting boasts better health with Italian flavors and the proven benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. 

According to the authors, Dr. Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn and Paola Palestini , PhD, 

 The more doctors test it, the more they find that eating Mediterranean is the absolute best way to lose weight.

(Of I course I only use gluten free pasta!)

The Mama Mia!Diet supports eating olive oil, fruits, and vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish and poultry, whole grains, and wine! 

It is not strictly a vegetarian cookbook, yet there are many vegetarian recipes.

The recipe for spaghetti with pesto and cherry tomatoes calls for 5 cherry tomatoes, 5 ounces ricotta, and 3 Tablespoons pesto mixed and tossed with the cooked pasta. Simple and easy, yet delicious.

This book is divided into three sections. 

Parts one and two of this book explain the premise of the diet in its entirety emphasizing nutritional information, do's and don'ts, and how to make smart choices for a healthy balanced diet.

Although the book encourages eating pasta, it is not the cornerstone of the Mama Mia! Diet. The menu suggestions are varied and focus on balanced portions of fruit, vegetables, healthy fat, animal protein, etc. Pasta can be eaten but does not have to be eaten.

In addition, the book reviewed individual vegetables, noting their benefits and how to shop and select the best quality. Actually, I found lots of interesting information that was helpful.

Part three of the book is the actual cookbook which features a good selection of recipes and suggested seasonal menus. I found the recipes uncomplicated and fairly basic.

Of course for anyone gluten free, like me, you would need to use gluten free pasta.

If you are looking for a weight loss plan that is healthy and allows for variety in eating, this book may be a good one for you to explore.

Here are some examples of the vegetarian recipes. 

Pasta with Eggplant looked delicious as well as the Chickpea Salad. 

The Tagliatelle with Peas and Asparagus,  Lentil Salad, Pasta with Broccoli and Pasta with Kale all were dishes I would consider trying.

In addition the Veggie Balls, Beets and Ricotta Dumplings all looked tempting. 

For those who are not vegetarian there were lots of choices using chicken, fish, and beef. 

I love Mediterranean cooking. This diet seems like a healthy and satisfying way to eat. 

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Disclaimer: I was sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review-

I am not endorsing this book and all opinions are my own. In 2020 this blog became vegan and oil-free. This review was published in 2019 prior to our eating changes.


  1. Don't remember when I last had some real pasta...that butterfly pasta with veggies looks seriously delicious! have a wonderful weekend, Judee.

  2. Mediterranean cooking is wonderful for its flavors and fresh produce, but the research "proving" its benefits in reducing heart diseas, cancer, and other problems has recently been quite undermined. Careful analysis has shown some major flaws in the execution of the largest study. Books like this may have good recipes, but their health claims are highly doubtful.

    best... mae at

  3. I'll have to look for this book -- I do love pasta and want to learn more about the Mediterranean diet.

  4. I think the Mediterranean way of eating has a lot of good benefits to it. Everything in moderation of course. That pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes looks especially good.

  5. I think I need to get this book!!! Our eye doctor told my husband just this week that the Mediterranean diet is also good for lessening your chances of getting macular degeneration.

  6. I think that so long as you eat whole foods and exercise at least moderately you can control your weight - but losing it is another story. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  7. Oh, my dreams have come true! I have been thinking about the Mediterranean diet for a while now. This book might jump start me to the full blown diet. Thanks!

  8. Mae,
    Thanks for your insight- might be something to consider!!

  9. Beth- wow ! good to know that you doctor is recommending the Mediterranean diet- for $2 might be worth a look - let me know


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