Monday, September 18, 2017

More Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

"The scientific evidence today demonstrates that cell phones cause cancer — namely, glioblastoma or acoustic neuroma brain tumor and a host of other biological effects." taken from The Cell Phone Radiation Lawyers website- 

photos  from Wikimedia Commons

Cancer study of cell phone use and radio-frequency energy effect on human body (Brain). © Wikimedia Commons

More and more studies are indicating that cell phone, Wifi, and cordless phone do increase the risk factor when it comes to cancer. 

Don't Be Casual About Cell Phone and Cordless Phone Use

Because we are not being warned on a continuous basis and the affects are long term, we treat cell phone use casually when we should be concerned about their use.

Meanwhile the use of cell phones and exposure to WIFI just keeps increasing in both adults and children. Do we need to wait for more and more research to catch up to inform us of the indicated dangers like we did with cigarettes? 

It's best to reduce your exposure to any kind of radiation now. 

Consumer Reports are suggesting these simple things you can do to reduce your exposure: 

Suggestions from Consumer Reports:

1. Do not keep phone near head and body. Distance makes a difference.

2. When phone signals are weak , phone may need to increase their power to adjust- this puts the consumer at higher risk- This can happen in moving vehicles when you are moving closer and farther from towers like in a moving car or train. 

3. Text instead of talking whenever possible

4. Use speaker phone or hands free headset

5. Do not store the phone in pants, shirt or bra- better to keep it in a bag or off your body.  

Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer suggests: 

1. Turn off your Wifi when you sleep at night otherwise it is in continuous interaction with the towers and so are you!

2. Do not keep your cell phone near your head when you sleep ( nightstand) 

3. Put your electronics on airplane mode when on your body or purse during the day and at night when you sleep.

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