Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Salad with Apples, Cashews, and Cranberries

holiday salad with apples, cashews, and greens

Fruity and festive, this holiday salad is a delicious delight to serve. With all of the naughtier indulgences we will be eating during the holidays, why not include something a little lighter that doesn't skimp on eye appeal or good taste.

I've made this salad before and love the ease of assembling it and the interesting crunchy additions: fresh chopped cranberries, diced organic red apples, and snowy white raw cashews. It's great to be able to take advantage of using the fresh organic cranberries that are available this time of year.

If you struggle to get enough greens, fruits, and vegetables into your meal planning, the variety in this simple salad will provide lots of good tasting immune building nutrients that are crowd pleasers!

Most of all, this salad makes a beautiful presentation that you can be proud to serve at your holiday table.

Use any dressing you like or make my fresh cranberry orange honey dressing

1 bag of organic broccoli slaw ( available in supermarkets)
2 cups of chopped organic romaine lettuce
1 organic granny smith apple, cut into bite size chunks
1 organic red delicious apple, cut into bite size chunks
1/4 cup of organic cranberries, chopped ( adds beautiful color)
1/2 cup of organic raisins
1/2 cup raw organic cashews ( I get mine in Trader Joe's for best price)
Optional: 4 sprigs of fresh mint, washed and chopped

Assemble all ingredients and mix well.
Toss with any homemade dressing before serving

As with all of my recipes, this recipe meets gluten free, vegan or vegetarian, and real food standards.

green apple diced on counter

broccoli slaw with grated carrots
broccoli slaw
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    1. You may be surprised what I like best about this - the broccoli slaw. I pick it up occasionally and am never sure what to do with it other than follow a "normal" cole slaw recipe. This is so much better. Next time, I see it, I plan to get a package and make this. It would be great for the family Chanukah party.

      1. This salad is delicious and will be a welcome addition to your party! And it's easy too

    2. Wow! I have to link to this! It looks really yummy!

      1. So easy to make for the holidays and will taste amazing with the crunchy sweet apple and raw cahsews

    3. I cannot believe it's holiday season! Living in LA totally screws with my thinking about what time of the year it is!

      1. I totally get it. It seems like it should be snowy and cold for holidays

    4. Great idea to use broccoli slaw. I've always wondered what to do with it. Pinned. Thanks for sharing this with us on Weekend Bites.

    5. This is awesome! Such a great idea! for my holiday dinner! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious holiday salad with us at the Special Holiday Edition: Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop 2014! I’m pinning and sharing your wonderful post! All the best to you! Happy Holidays!

      1. Your holiday Special Edition was such a great idea to collect holiday healthy recipes

    6. Replies
      1. Jo-lynne,
        It does make a beautiful presentation for the holiday meal and gluten free too.

    7. Your holiday salad looks really fresh and delicious, Judee! There's so much heavy food over the holidays, I always enjoy a good salad. Thank you for sharing this nutritious and delicious recipe with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

      1. Thanks April,
        That is just what I was thinking that I would like to have something light for the holidays

    8. I love adding fruits and nuts to a green salad. Have never thought about adding slaw too. Great idea!

      1. Michelle,
        The fruits and nuts really add a nice crunch and special flavor

    9. Looks amazing! I featured your recipe this week!

    10. This sounds fabulous, especially with the mixture of fruit and nuts. Delicious! Thanks for linking up with us at Delicious Dish Tuesday!

    11. This looks and sounds delicious. I always love salads that are filled with so my nutrition and tasty. Visiting from Healthy Happy Green & Natural Blog hop.


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