Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days To Better Health

Everyone wants to eat healthier, exercise, be stress free, think positive thoughts and feel healthy and balanced. BUT with our busy lifestyles, this can be a challenge.

How do we achieve those wonderful goals? .
For the next 31 days during the month of October,  I will explore and write about ways that women can take better care of ourselves while trying to manage very busy lifestyles.

I will share resources, book reviews, alternative healing ideas, recipes, short cuts, etc.
I'm hoping you will join me each day as I share ideas, concerns, and some women's stories that may inspire and help you create more balance, well being ,and better health in your own life.

The topic I've chosen is  " 31 days To Better Health. "

I hope you enjoy my 31 days To Better Health ! ( There will be 31 blogposts- not necessarily everyday.. but almost every day until I reach the 31...

I am participating in this 31 Day Challenge with well over a thousand other bloggers. If you are interested in seeing the topics of the other participants, visit the host at  The Nester to see all the bloggers and their 31 Day Ideas.

 How do you cope, manage your hectic schedule, find shortcuts, etc.? Please feel free to share any good tips or ideas in the comments..Love to hear your ideas; it helps everyone..

Tomorrow's Post

Day 2 : I am Woman, I am Invincible, I am tired!  will be posted tomorrow Oct 2

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