Friday, June 10, 2016

10% Off YL Essential Oils Starter Kit ( Today Only)

I bought my Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit last October and I'm finding a multitude of very valuable ways for me and my family to use them. 

Everyone is talking about Essential Oils and there is a good reason.  I like the idea of having chemical free alternatives to rely for everyday uses. Young Living makes oils that you can ingest as well as oil blends that you can use externally.

!!!This is the first time I ever saw a discount on the starter kit, so if you have been thinking about it- today is the day to order!

If you order through me and my group, you will get 

  • one on one support, 
  • access to webinars
  • videos 
  • training on how to use the essential oils 
  • We have a great team and would love to have you join us! 

Click here to : Order Young Living Essential Oils

Today Only The Starter Kit is 10% Off ( June 10)
Click here to : Order Young Living Essential Oils

Can't Be Without My Essential Oils

  • Since learning about Essential Oils and how to use them, I don't what I would do without them. 
  • I bring them with me when I travel to help boost immunity especially on a plane or cruise ship, 
  • repel mosquitos, 
  • ease my stomach bloat and gas, 
  • relieve aches and pains from tension or strain like carrying suitcases, 
  • help purify and cleanse, 
  • relieve headaches, 
  •  I could go on - it seems like there is an essential oil that may help everything that could come up!
  • scroll down for more ways I use specific essential oil blends

Panaway: I use this essential oil blend to soothe achy muscles and it works great! I love the smell too. My niece gets menstrual cramp relief using Panaway diluted with almond oil applied to her crampy areas.

Lavendar: I diffuse this one at night before bed. It's very relaxing and we feel so peaceful when it's diffusing.

R.C. - My daughter in law uses this one for congestion and she feels it opens her right up. 

Digeze: I use this one for minor stomach discomfort by rubbing some Digeze diluted in a carrier oil on my stomach. It really works for me to break up gas and discomfort!

Click here to : Order Young Living Essential Oils

contact me at for more information or if you need help placing your order. Judee Algazi...

If you sign up as part of my group, I am available to help you with information, questions, ideas, webinars, etc.

Click here to : Order Young Living Essential Oils

If you are not ready to buy your kit , but are  interested in buying the oils at wholesale prices or just learning more about Young Living Essential oils send me an email. I am a distributor and can help you sign up and be part of our team to receive wholesale prices. Email:  Judee Algazi #3329912 is my distributor number

Disclaimer: The information on my blog is for educational purposes only. I am not a medical doctor and am not trying to diagnose or treat disease. Always check with your medical doctor for advise.

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  1. . I'm super happy to be sharing access to this brand of oils. I also share access to the Young Living brand. If you find yourself curious about either line, drop me a line

  2. Great selection of essential oils. It is definitely worth the money. Each oil has different uses and I am learning about each one. I'd say that these oils would greatly improve your quality of life.

  3. Those individuals reporting lower levels of stress will also have the best immune system function. In this regard, Frankincense essential oil, particularly Boswellia carteri species produced by carbon dioxide extraction, is considered one of the most highly effective oils. Cinnamon essential oil benefits


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