Friday, December 7, 2012

Potato Latkes from Hanukkah Past

My favorite Hanukkah Platter

I've posted a few of my latke ( potato pancake) recipes from Hanukkah's past and  one new one.
Eastern European Jewish Tradition dictates that we use oil to fry food especially latkes ( potato pancakes)  during the holiday of Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle of the little bit of oil that lasted for eight nights and lit up the Temple!My mother in law is of Sephardic Tradition, and she fries luchmadas ( donuts)  for the holiday.

I hate to eat fried foods, but I struggle with the tradition verses my diet!

When I was growing up, My mother used to fry up batches of delicious potato latkes for dinner each of the eight nights of Hanukkah; My cousin Harriet still carries on the same tradition. Their recipe is very similar and the batter was made in blender. I usually don't make fried ones. My recipe is under Harriets.

Harriet's Fried Latke Blender recipe: ( I changed her use of matzo meal to gluten free bread crumbs to make it gluten free)
6-7 all purpose potatoes, peeled and quatered
1 large onion, peeled and quartered
1 egg or 1/2 cup of applesauce if you want it to be vegan
1/2 cup gluten free breadcrumbs ( or less- just enough to hold it together somewhat)
salt and pepper to taste
optional : 1/4 tsp of garlic powder

Put the egg in the blender ( or applesauce) , add onion, and potatoes a few at a time while blending. add enough gluten free breadcrumbs and seasoning to hold together loosely. Drop in tablespoon size mounds in hot frying oil. Remove to paper towels and drain. Eat immediately covered in sour cream or homemade applesauce .

Weight Watcher broccoli slaw latkes
 I usually only fry latkes one night of Hanukkah or at least I only eat them one night!
Last year, I made a Weight Watchers style latkes  recipe that was made from broccoli slaw instead of potatoes and then sauteed. They were actually good and low in carbs and calories

I'll be making the muffin latkes tonight and posting about them late this week.

Need a topping for your latkes? Don't forget my recipe post from yesterday for a quick homemade applesauce .

Me and My cousin Harriet 1950's in Brooklyn, NY
My cousin Harriet and Me as adults; she is in Florida; I am in Pennsylvania

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  1. Hey Judee,
    I grew up in Brooklyn too -- born in the fifties!Sheepshead Bay -- house on Avenue W.

    Your latkes look good!

    1. My mother was from Nostrand Ave and my cousin was from Sheepshead Bay and then the Rockaway area. We moved to New Jersey when I was young. Small World!!

  2. Latkes are one of the greatest foods on Earth! I'm having family over tomorrow night, and planning traditional potato latkes, plantain latkes with a pineapple salsa, latkes based on the loaded baked potato (with cheese, scallions, and "bacon"), and even fried Provolone that resembles latkes. A new latke every night, with sufganiyot for dessert!!! Chanukkah Sameach!!!

    1. Mary- I love that idea of a different latke every night. How great is that!!! Not sure my waistline could take it

  3. I love these Latke recipes and so miss good Jewish food. I worked in a Yeshiva and went to NYU. Our cafeteria food included latke and the best cheese blintzes I ever ate. I think I might give your recipe a try. Thanks so much Judee for sharing your family's story and food on foodie friday.

    1. I hope you do give them a try . They are quite tasty considering there is no potato in them.

  4. That plate is too cute. I am not Jewish but I was drooling over all the latke pictures on Pinterest last weekend. Can't wait to try this!

    1. You don't have to be Jewish to eat potato latkes! I think it's a universal food -

  5. Yum! I'm loving the outer texture of your latkes. Fun pictures of you and your cousin!
    Thank you for linking up.

    1. I had to really dig for that photo.. it was fun to find it..

  6. I was a Flatbush girl around the same time. Memories. Your photo looks like me and my cousin.

    Your latkes are being featured. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chaya,
      I wonder if everyone's photos looked similar in the 1950's especially in NY.... Thanks so much for the feature.

  7. Arrived here from #MMBC - couldn't resist a latke ;-) I'll be frying them, as I do every year. We don't eat that much fried food, so a splurge every now and again, and especially at Chanukah, won't hurt anyone!


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