Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weigh to Go - Day 1

Today I started a diet. My goal is to lose 27 pounds. How did I determine 27 pounds?

I joined the Spark People weight loss online which is a totally free site with lots of good tools and gadgets for wieght loss  to help me record, get inspiration and advice, and be accountable to myself.

I used one of their gadgets to enter information about my height, etc. ( they also have an iphone app) and it said that I needed to lose 27 pounds. It also told me , it should take me 6 months to lose it.  Yikes! I hope I can lose it sooner than that.


I had gained about 10 pounds a year ago after injuring my shoulder. I didn't get that weight off, and now I've been overindulging since the holidays ( I mean since Halloween), and I no longer have any clothes that fit properly.After this last all inclusive vacation in March, I realized I'm over the edge.

 I've been thinking about starting a diet since January, but I have always found  a reason to break it such as another holiday, a birthday, a dinner out, lunch with friends, I just feel like it, etc.

I have some important events coming up and I want my old body back.!!!
I do realize that I will have to work for it, not just by being careful about what I eat, but also getting back into my old routine of  exercise, lifting weights, and doing sit ups.

Going to the gym, planning my food, and eating conciously is a habit. A habit that I did for a very long time. However, after my shoulder injury, I had to stop going to the gym and somehow, I got off course. I think the exercise helped give me energy- when I don't work out, I look to find that energy through food!
.. but I also got lazy. My biggest excuse has been that it is the winter! I hate getting into my gym clothes, cleaning the frost off the windshield, warming up the car and going to the gym. I never mind in the summer, so I have no more excuses...

I will admit that for me,  dieting is not easy. It means I have to plan all my meals in advance and shop and cook consciously. I need to record everything I eat, pass on desserts that I love, and limit what I eat.

I know everyone says NEVER SAY IT'S A DIET make Lifestyle changes  ...

Generally, I eat very healthy food. I love salads and vegetables and fruit,  but we eat out alot and this past year, we traveled alot. That's how I packed on this last 15 pounds of extra weight this year on top of the previous 10 last year. Also, I have not been faithful to getting to the gym, which is essential for me.

So, today I started my diet.  lifestyle change.
 I will be conscious of calories, drinking  more water, and getting to the gym to do weight lifting and Cardio on alternate days.

This is my meatless monday menu:
Breakfast Today: Fresh  Vegetable Juice- Easy to digest and provides lots of nutrition BUT low on fat and calories.

My trusty juices that I have used for the past 25 years

My Rainbow drink -Fresh carrot, romaine lettuce, beet, radish, cucumber juice, parsly, kale -yum

. I love to fresh juice.It feels so fresh and healthy and the "green" is so good for me. Only fresh juice can offer so many amazing enzymes which our bodies need for digestion.

Lunch: A 2 egg omelet that I stuffed with 1/4 cup cottage cheese and chopped parsley

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Homemade vegetable soup ( artichokes, red cabbage, onions, tomatoes,) , 1/2 cup cubed tofu, spiralized Zucchini topped with 1/4 cup tomato sauce,  1 raw carrot. to munch on while I made everything. ( spiralizers are about $25-$30 on Amazon, I have the Joyce Chen spiralizer and love it)

This is raw zucchini spiralized into a pasta look topped with sauce

I used my sprializer to shred a raw zucchini into a pasta look
 Snack:  Pear

I would love for my readers to join me on a 8 week getting started diet ( and then keep going)
Starting April 30 I am going to have guest bloggers who have been successful with their weight loss tell their story and offer ideas, tips, and advice. ( Do you want to be a guest blogger, let me know

TIP OF THE DAY:  Pack a weight loss friendly snack with you no matter where you go
When you leave the house to go anywhere, pack a snack you can eat. If you are out and get really hungry, you may not be able to find a good choice to eat. So, whether you are going shopping, which always takes longer than you thought or just going to the gym. Pack a piece of fruit, some nuts, a string cheese, bring along water, or some other appropriate snack to keep you eating consciously.

I love to read your comments:
Please leave a comment about what you eat, any tips that work, and what program if any you are following.


Would you like to be a guest blogger and share about your weight loss? Contact me at

I need 6  more guest bloggers who want to write a blog article about their efforts,solutions, struggles, suggestions and some  successful weight loss, how they do it, and what they eat etc
If you have a story to share, or inspriation, or solutions, or suggestions and would like to write a guest post to help inspire others please let me know.

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  1. You're off to a great start! I will be following your progress.

  2. I am excited for you and I am going to copy some of your recipes. Everything, you are eating today sounds so appealing.

    I just started a diet also and I want to lose about the same amount, as you do.

    You have motivated me to really look at what I am eating which is not really bad, other than the chocolate.

  3. I started "trying" to lose weight a month ago. I say trying, because so far I have not lost any. I would love it if you would stop by and link this recipe up on my new linky party, Dare to Share. I am a new follower since I am going through a weightloss journey too.


  4. Pam,
    I will stop by your new linky and link up my recipe. thanks for following; I'll follow back. Keep me up to date with your weight loos progress

  5. You definitely sound like you have determination AND a great plan! Your juice is beautiful - love my juicer too. May I suggest an AM (half way between breakfast and lunch) snack in your routine? Something high in protein especially after having the juice in the AM. This will help keep blood sugars/hunger in check. I'll be checking back in to see how you're doing.

  6. Good for you! I totally need to do this but I can't focus on weight loss just yet. But when I get my baby healthy, I am all over it. Thanks so much for sharing at Allergy-Free Wednesday! I hope you'll come back and share more next week.

  7. Good luck with your lifestyle changes. I never diet because I was anorexic in my teens, but I always find increasing my activity makes all the difference when I need to lose a few pounds.

  8. I think one of the best ways to be successful is to make it so your accountable to your goal. By announcing it on your blog you've done that. You are now accountable to all of us and you have all this support. You go girl.
    Thank you for your inspiration and thanks for coming by and sharing it at Whole Food Wednesdays.

  9. What a great post. I'm with you dear. I haven't figured out exactly how much I need to lose. I avoid the scale and just go by things that used to fit when I feel like I was at my ideal weight that I can maintain. I would guess I am about twenty five pounds away from fitting into my gauge pants.
    I, like you, realize I can't do this overnight but want some early results so I can stay motivated. I started by just cutting back and making healthier choices about a month ago. Teaming that up with at least 5 workouts a week seems to have brought me some success. I feel better and I can see that my current clothes are fitting a bit looser.
    Good for you taking control of this part of your life. I will enjoy reading about your success. Thanks for sharing this week on Becolorful

  10. you should be able to lose the weight safely in 1/2 the time - your estimate was based on 1 lb/wk but one can safely lose up to 2 lb/wk. i'm trying to lose about the same amount of weight as you, so i too am hitting the gym 5-6 days/wk for cardio & weights, as well as watching what i put in my mouth. remember, you need some good fats in your diet. my trick to cutting down on late night eating is to brush my teeth after i finish my last scheduled meal or snack for the day - works for me more often than not (unless i've left too much time between my last nibble & bedtime!)


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