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Monday, November 20, 2023

Thanksgiving Recipes for 2024- Gluten Free and Vegan

As I sit on the beach in 85 degree sunny beautiful weather, watching the waves, and listening to the gulls, I'm thinking about my Thanksgiving plans and my Thanksgiving recipes. 

Free Miami Florida photo and picture

We usually fly home for Thanksgiving to be with our family, but this year we are remaining in Florida. We decided not to fight the crowds in the airport or deal with hustle bustle of traveling on a holiday, despite wishing to be with our kids and grandkids. Check out my recipes!!

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Instead we will be spending the holiday with a few local good friends, and we will each contribute something to the meal. My assignment is to make organic green vegetables (vegan and gluten-free of course). I've decided to make a roasted vegetable tray (link to recipe) which I've made in the past and has always been a hit. However this time I'll concentrate on my assignment of mostly green vegetables. We will be 13 people.

Roasted vegetable tray at www.realfoodblogger.com
Roasted Vegetable from the Past 
Costco For Organic Fresh Vegetables at Reasonable Prices 
First since everyone prefers "organic," I needed to find organic vegetables. Costco carries a nice variety of fresh organic vegetables (sold in bags). I purchased organic green beans, a organic Brussels sprouts, and a large container of organic baby portobello mushrooms. BTW Costco also provides a good selection of frozen organic vegetables.
 Free Thanksgiving Dinner photo and picture     Many of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are high in carbs, fat, and calories. I am sharing a few simple delicious healthier choices, which may also be helpful if you are inviting anyone who is vegetarian or gluten free.

Quick and Easy Basic Cranberry Sauce
A very easy homemade cranberry sauce recipe (from fresh cranberries) can be made from start to finish in under a half hour, I'm linking my recipe here

homemade cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving

I'm also sharing one of my favorite recipes for cranberry chutney that is made with apples, fresh cranberries, nuts, raisins, and lovely spices. I'm linking the recipe here.

Thanksgiving cranberry sauce

The idea below is simple but makes a pretty presentation. It's a mixture of roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus seasoned just right.  Recipe Here .

roasted asparagus on a fancy plate with roasted tomatoes

Brussels Sprouts Soup (link) is an untraditional way to use Brussels Sprouts which are often served on Thanksgiving. The soup can be prepped and cooked from start to finish in under 20 minutes and made up to 2 days in advance.

vegan brussels sprout soup

raw carrot salad, vegan, plant-based

One of my favorite salads, whether Thanksgiving or anytime of the year, is my shredded carrot salad with cranberries and cashews. It can be made the day before needed and is vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. 

Need a hearty delicious vegan entree? 
The portobello recipe below is a nice plant-based entree for vegans or a delicious side dish for anyone. It's perfect if you or a guest has allergies as it is naturally dairy-free and gluten-free. 

Plant-based mushroom stacks with spinach and tomato

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Prayers for world peace, love, and freedom! 
Prayers for Israel and the end anti-semitic hate crimes in USA and the world!


  1. Nice collection of festive (yet healthy) recipes. I personally like this cranberry chutney and Brussels sprouts soup. I've made before pureed one, but I'd like to try chunky too.

  2. Judee, everything looks delicious! The Cranberry Chutney sounds great, more and more I love keeping a chutney in the fridge.

  3. These recipes are great. I will make the carrot one, for sure. Thank you. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. All the dishes looks so tasty and healthy. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. All of your photos of these amazing Thanksgiving dishes are making me so excited for Thanksgiving. I would be in heaven if I could enjoy a serving of each of these right now... YUM!

  6. Your Florida Thanksgiving sounds lovely! Definitely better than braving all those crowds. I hope that you and your friends have a wonderful time; I'm sure everyone will enjoy your veggie dish. 🥦🥕

  7. Hope your Thanksgiving meal is wonderful. And may peace prevail soon!
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime https://tandysinclair.com

  8. That beach view looks great! Have a great celebration in Florida, Judee.

  9. Warm beach weather or crowded cold airports? Beach wins. :-) Your roasted vegetable tray looks delicious. I hope you and your friends have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  10. Thanks you for all these great ideas. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by my blog. Bernadette, https://newclassicrecipe.com

  11. I think you're smart to stay in Florida Judee, flying is going to be a nightmare this weekend! Your vegetable platter is a wonderful idea for Friendsgiving and I want to try your shredded carrot, cranberry and cashew salad, that sounds so good! Happy Thanksgiving~

  12. All the dishes look so tasty, fresh and healthy. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  13. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Judee, for me there is no working link to the cranberry sauce, and I would really like to see that recipe! I have made my own with fresh cranberries for many years, but it takes several hours and I would love to see a thirty-minute recipe! I'll check back to see if you were able to fix it. Also I adore shredded carrot salads and yours looks absolutely wonderful with the cashews! I will have to try that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beloved and your friends! xoxo

  15. I love cranberry sauce! These looks really wonderful!


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