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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Summer Spring Rolls In Rice Paper

Some call them summer rolls and some spring rolls but whatever your preference they are wonderful rice paper rolls filled with greens, protein, and veggies of your choice and there is no need for cooking them. They are usually dipped in peanut sauce which makes them taste extraordinary.

I've made them before, but with different variations. 

The reason some of the rolls look like they have a green wrapping is because when you use a whole romaine or dandelion leaf it shows through. 

Available in most supermarkets in the Asian section or Whole Foods Market

It took me a while to learn to wrap these little rolls, but once I caught on they are like wrapping a gift. I can usually roll about 6-8 in 15 minutes. The trick is to have all your fillings ready to go. It takes a minute to wet each wrapper in water as you go.  

They travel well, keep in the refrigerator for at least 2 days, and are a perfect finger/hand food for a picnic. 

What do I use as my fillings for these delicious rolls?
It depends on the day and what I have available.
I almost always use a bag of shredded cabbage. Sometimes I shred carrots or chop some red cabbage. I also add something pickled such as capers or pickles. I usually marinate some tofu for only 15 minutes in gluten free soy sauce and I find sliced red or yellow slices of peppers are always as staple. 

Lots of choices work: you can choose from
You can also use herbs, avocado, cooked and drained rice noodles, marinated artichokes, hot peppers, sprouts, olives, etc. just make sure nothing is too wet.

Free photos of Summer
Have you eaten in a Vietnamese Restaurant?
In Vietnamese restaurants,  I have seen them give a choice of cooked salmon, shrimp, or tofu in their rice paper spring rolls. You can see this recipe is very versatile for vegans and meat eaters alike.

Dandelion greens, and herbs from my herb garden
I happened to be at the farmers market yesterday where local farmers brought their goods, and I bought some tender young dandelion leaves. So today, instead of a romaine lettuce leaf, I used the dandelion leaf. I also snipped some fresh herbs from my herb garden such as mint, basil, and oregano.

Light Meal, appetizer, or healthy snack
I usually make my spring rolls first thing in the morning and then they are an easy grab and go as a light meal (maybe with soup) or appetizer, or snack later in the day.

Pan, Cook, Fry, Frying Pan, Pan, Pan
The pan is for assembly not cooking 

My Tip for easier rolling and handling of the wet rice paper
After I sufficiently wet my rice paper, I immediately lay it in a small omelet pan (about 8 or 10 inch) which is about the size of the rice paper.  I do this because once the paper is wet and sits for a minute, it becomes very sticky and rubbery and is difficult to manage. The metal pan seems to keep it from sticking together and helps me control the folding. Once you wet the paper and lay it in the pan, you need to fill and wrap quickly. Thus, I only do one at a time.

Ingredients that I used today.
Baby dandelion leaves (substitute baby spinach leaves) 
Fresh basil leaf 
Fresh mint leaf 
Capers (about 5 per roll) 
Shredded carrot 
Shredded red cabbage or use a coleslaw mix
Green onion (scallion) 
Marinated tofu in gluten free soy sauce (for about 15 minutes)
( This is what I used,  you can use whatever you fancy)

Assemble all ingredients. 
Use an 8-10 inch omelette pan to add the filling, not to cook the rolls.
Remove 1 round rice paper from the bag. 
Run it under cold water (turning to wet all sides) for about 10 seconds. Remove and place into a small omelet pan. 
Begin to add fillings ( I place the whole leaves and herbs first.)
 Fill with about a tablespoon of cabbage, carrot, tofu, capers, and scallion in the center of the roll. 
Begin by folding over the top to cover all the fillings. 
Next fold in the left side and quickly the right side and roll. 
Place on a dish and begin the next roll. 


If you are having difficulty picturing how this works, watch a video that I found on Youtube for a visual.  It's not vegan, but still gives you the fastest idea on how to stuff and roll. 

You can make your own peanut sauce - here is a link to my recipe. 
My Homemade Peanut Sauce (recipe link) or Whole Foods sells their own brand of organic peanut sauce.



  1. Love peanut sauce! This looks yummy!

  2. Must try your recipe Judee. I'm always on the lookout for creative gluten free vegan noshing options.

  3. I love to make spring rolls during summer....your recipe is delicious!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  4. I adore the chewy texture of rice paper...these summer rolls are totally my thing. And a big YES to peanut sauce :-)

  5. I use a damp cloth to roll mine and then use cooking spray on the plate to prevent them sticking.

  6. I happened to share the very same video on my most recent post on spring rolls!

    Happy Tuesday, Judee!

  7. Your spring rolls look so professional! I like how you say making them is like wrapping gifts. :)

  8. What a terrific recipe! And I appreciate the assembly tip, using an omelet pan. Neat idea!

  9. So beautiful dish when the heat is on! Whatever you wrap in these, it is crunchy and so tasty!

  10. These sound so good, and thanks for the great tip about using the pan to combat the sticky paper and aid in the rolling!

  11. Have never had or tried this brand-new-to-me item. -smile-

    Gentle hugs...

  12. I absolutely LOVE spring rolls, but have never had the nerve to make them. Yours look beautiful. You did a great job using those wrappers. I need to give these a try.

  13. I love spring rolls, but I truly L-O-V-E peanut sauce!

  14. Spring rolls are very popular ...

    All the best Jan


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