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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Morning Walk Sharing Nature's Beauty +Recipes


I'm back to taking my morning walks. I'm trying to be mindful

tree in full bloom in yard

while I walk and observe the natural
 beauty along the way. I'm sharing some lovely sights with you from my walks in my neighborhood. 

continue for pics and recipes

deer running in yard

Although we've had some very hot humid days, I find the weather in the early morning to be quite enjoyable. It is usually around 70 degrees and the humidity is still decent. The flowers are in full bloom and deer are out scavenging for berries and flowers. 

white hydrangeas

               Flowers in the neighborhood are always beautiful 

flowers, inpatiens, colorful flowers

Echinesia pin cone flowers

Recipe links from previous July posts on my blog!
Ahh! Summer!!

bowl of corn chowder

Vegetable Corn Chowder(recipe link)- YUM!! A wonderful delicious chowder made from fresh local summer corn off the cob from local farms. 

Fruit Infused Vitamin Water (recipe link)- Rejuvenate and relax with this easy refreshing summer drink that you make for yourself! ( see recipes)

party appetizer - mango salsa
Six Easy Summer Mango Recipes (recipe link to savory mango salad- July is mango season and I've shared easy ways to peel and serve, mango appetizers, mango lassi, etc. - this recipe in the photo is a delicious savory mango salad or appetizer with corn chips. 


  1. Stunning! What a lovely way to start the day. I also like to try to get out early morning during the "dog days" of summer before the heat gets too much.

  2. You live in a beautiful neighbourhood, Judee. My husband would love that mango salad.

  3. All of these recipes look so delicious. I have really been in the mood for mango salsa, so perhaps I’ll give that a try. I do like the looks of the corn chowder though. I love fresh summer corn.

  4. With the heat and humidity, we walk early morning too. The soup looks delicious!

  5. Such beautiful scenes on your walk. The recipes all sound delicious. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Beautiful pictures and delicious recipes....Abrazotes, Marcela

  7. What a lovely walk! Love the fruit infused vitamin water. Have a great week ahead, take care.

  8. Everything looks so fresh and green and lively... the food, too! That vegetable corn chowder sounds delicious, and I bet I could find some excuse to use that gorgeous mango salsa. Thanks for taking us on your morning walk!

  9. Such a lovely neighborhood and so great to get out for walks. Too hot here now even in the mornings, but I appreciate when I can get out.

  10. Enjoy the walks! And how amazing you have wild deer where you live :)

  11. Beautiful... it has been horribly hot here.

  12. Lovely photographs from your walk.

    All the best Jan

  13. Your walks sound (and look) lovely! It really is a wonderful time of year to get out there and enjoy nature. Also, your fruit-infused vitamin water and mango salad look delicious and oh so summery! 🌸🥭

  14. We're in that 70 zone here in northern Michigan. I would like a little warmer for swimming but it's perfect walking weather. That cleome is so pretty. I planted some and not one came up. Not even a sprout! What a beautiful walk -- thanks for that (and for coming to my blog, too!)


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