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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Truth about Gluten

I was doing research for a gluten free class that I am teaching

I found  a very informative video called The Truth About Gluten and just finished watching it. I am sharing it because it is the best video I have ever seen about why everyone ( not just those with Celiac)  need to stop eating wheat. This post is part of my series called Informative Friday - but I had to post it early this week.

Dr. Den Doer  explains how our wheat industry has changed the actual wheat plants that produce the wheat that we eat . Today's wheat is now being grown with 4 times the amount of gluten and 4 times the amount of starch  that it used to have. Dr. Doer calls today's wheat, " Frankenwheat".  He says it doesn't matter if you eat Twinkies or whole wheat grain bread. Today's wheat is so full of gluten and starch that converts so fast to sugar, it is setting us up for inflammation and degenerative disease like diabetes and heart disease.

If you are already on a gluten free diet, why am I recommending this video? 

Because Dr. Den Doer explains that just stopping gluten is not enough- once the damage is done, you need to repair your digestive and elimination systems or your system will remain compromised and so will your health.  Dr. Den Doer gives very valuable information and suggestions for making the repairs.

He explains that by the time a person has full blown Celiac Disease, it  is the end of the line when all the damage is already done . He explains that gluten intolerance or sensitivity is the beginning and can affect ANYONE and ANY PART  part of the body because it is an inflammation. He also addresses why just going on a gluten free diet will stop the progress , but not repair.

If you have ANY health issue, or experience fatigue, headaches, MS, anxiety, depression, joint pain, eczema, or anything - you need to understand the role that gluten contributes.

In addition, if you do follow a gluten free diet, you need to understand how to repair the damage to your digestive system that has already be done and my still be affecting you and compromising your health.

The video is 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is well worth taking the time to watch.

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If you watch the video , please come back and leave a comment . I would love to know what you think.

Also : The book, Wheat Belly,   helps you understand the dangers of today's new wheat !- our wheat is not the same as 40 years ago . It has been genetically modified, and changed into a grain that has 4 times the gluten and 4 times the starch of the grain your grandparents ate. This means starch turns to sugar and a piece of bread now gives you 4 times the amount of sugar than it did 40 years ago . Wonder why so many people have allergies ? Wonder why so many people are pre- diabetic or diabetic, have heart disease or other diet related diseases.  This wheat is not even a real food. It is a creation of modern manufacturing.  This book gives a great argument for everyone cutting out wheat. It's a must read.

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  1. I have seen so many friends with arthritis and joint pain that were rescued after going gluten free! It really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I may have others I know read this.
    I get treated like this is a fad. When my doctor told me to do this because this was the issue I cried.
    I couldn't fathom a life without bread and pasta. But I feel good. I look years younger than I did. I live in a world now of good skin, healthy hair, no more stomach pain and issues, so many things are now good that weren't. I am 58 and everyone tells me how good I look. One person swears I must have had surgery. I have not. Being gluten free has saved my life. Our corn is frankencorn as well.
    So many other countries have eliminated GMO and won't permit them. Hawaii will not allow them into their state.
    But yet in the US we are nothing but fake food. Why would our country want to do this to us all is what I can't wrap my head around. thank you again!

  3. I forgot to ask - does he say that radiccio is not gluten free at the end? really?

  4. I pinned the video and am going to try to watch it this weekend. I did skim over the book "Wheat Belly" and just the little bit I read was enough to convince me to cut out gluten. I feel MUCH better. The main thing I notice is that I'm no longer craving carbs and sugar like an addict. It's nice to not be a slave to food.

  5. This is so timely for me! I went gluten free about six years ago - changed my life. From time to time I "cheat" and usually find a limited response. But, this past year - since the fall - I've really fallen off the wagon. I haven't been consistent and have put on an extra 12 pounds which is so depressing. I am starting to really feel it in my joints again - and the fatigue. I do need to discipline myself and get back on track. I'll be sharing this on my wellness page on facebook - I do essential oils. Also will share it with my friend who is a wellness counselor and massage therapist. She will cheer. I live in Vineland, New Jersey, BTW - you're close by in Philly.
    Kathy at The Writers Reverie

    1. Kathy,
      I can empathize with you about a little cheat. I used to be able to do it, but not any more.It's not worth it. I've been to Vineland many times, especially on the way to the Jersey Shore.. Blueberry Country?

  6. oh yes - i've fallen off the gluten-free wagon myself - scary....

  7. thank you for this post - I too have celiac disease.....

  8. I don't test postive to wheat but if I eat it my ears get inflamed. I agree something is wrong with our wheat. I never had this problem before a few years ago.

  9. I have been 110% GLUTEN-FREE for the past 12 years!! I would never in my life go back to a gluten-filled lifestyle!!

  10. great article, thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  11. HI Judee,
    There is so much value in having a deeper understanding of gluten--it's causes, symptoms and how to properly manage related health and dietary issues. Knowledge is power, so I plan to watch and share this important video. I am so delighted that you shared The Truth About Gluten with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party! I appreciate it.


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