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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portion Control For Weight Loss- Less is More

Have you ever heard the expression, " Less is More"? It is certainly true for me when it comes to portion control. After my experience with pistachio nuts, I truly understand the meaning of that phrase.

The other day while shopping in our local supermarket, I noticed a new food item .
It was cute little individual size bags of pistachio nuts.
I loved the idea because the bags were portioned out, and I could just grab one for a snack on the run.
They were $1.00 a little snack bag of 1 and 1/2 ounce each
I thought that was reasonable and proceeded to take 10 bags.

However, as I approached the checkout counter, I realized I was paying at total of  $10.00  a pound for the little bags. I also realized I could could get a larger bag for only $6.99 pound.

So, I went back and bought one larger bag instead of the ten little individual sized bags.

Although the larger bag was a better value, in the case of dieting, I can honestly say , " Less is More"!
My intention was to go home and divide the large bag of pistachios into individual size bags.
Unfortunately,  it didn't work that way for me because pistachios are my weakness.

Once I opened that large bag, I started eating it.
I found out that no matter what the size of the bag , I want to eat it all.
The large bag did my diet in.
I ate 3/4 of it in one sitting.
Hard to believe , but true.
 I was on the computer and just having a good ole time, until I noticed a huge stack of shells staring me in the face.

The next time I buy pistachios I will be buying the little individual bags.

Now, I gladly pay the extra for ten individual sized little bags! I take one with me for a snack and that's it! In this case Less is More because it helps me stay on my diet and work with portion control.

  • What happens when you buy large size bags of snacks?
  •  Does it work for you? 
  • How do you manage portion control? 
  • What is your weakness? 
  • Are there things you just can't bring into the house

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