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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Publishing from an iPad

I just bought an iPad!

I'm publishing my blog from it right now using an App.

I haven't figured out how to load pics yet

Does anyone write and publish from the iPad..?

Please share in the comments at the very bottom of the post.


Ok . I'm back to my computer for the rest of this article. It is so much faster.
I don't have a laptop, so I bought an iPad to be able write articles and publish my post when I am traveling.
I have to say, writing and publishing from an iPad can be done, but as of right now it is not as easy as using my computer!

I wrote the above the line material and will add pictures, but it took a longer time and is not as convenient as a computer.

I also found  out that the iPad only is compatible with " Blogger" if I type up my posts in html.
First of all, I don't know html and even if I did, it would be a very time consuming project to have to use it to write all my posts.

My next step was to find an App that would give me the capability of typing in " compose " mode , which is just be able to keyboard.

 I researched and decided to try " Blogsy"

It allows me to type my posts and then just like Blogger it will convert for me.

So, right now I am using Blogsy and learning to navigate it so I can write a decent post with pictures and layout while traveling.

Since then my daughter in law sent me this link with 25 apps and reviews for bloggers. Appolicious . It looks like there may be others that I want to try.

The most difficult part of using the iPad  so far is trying to figure out how to hyperlink.

I would love to start a discussion . If you use an iPad to blog  I would love to know your experiences. Please leave a comment with any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions or questions.

Do you use a laptop and an iPad?
Do I need both?
Should I just stick to a laptop?
Do you blog from your iPad? Do you run into any problems?
How do you hyperlink?

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  1. no, but ipad is on my wish list. I was wondering if I could blog on it. is it hard to type a lot of text on?

  2. Just a week ago my hubby gave me an ipad and I have yet to figure it out - I've done a search but it came up with nothing helpful. If I can figure it out I'll let you know.

  3. It's on my wishlist too!!! Do you have a keyboard to attach to it? That might make it easier to type!

    1. I do have the keyboard, but typing is not the problem. I think it's partly experience and partly that the app is not as user friendly as blogger.

  4. This is a superb iPad I enjoyed this post thanks.

  5. I have no luck! I deleted my Easter post twice (!), while trying to edit a post in order to link up. I spend a lot of time out of town and this is distressing. I think it has something to do with the fact that the Apple products will not allow flash. Next time I leave town, I am taking my old laptop!!

    1. Which app are you using?
      The more I am practicing, the more I realize that I can do it, but it takes longer and is more difficult. I'm going to give it a little more time , but might have to go back to my laptop

  6. I don't even like commenting from my ipad. Some blogs text doesn't show up. If I try to edit from the ipad, only the first half shows up.
    Very annoying!
    Here from Seasonal Sunday.
    I have to check out Blogsy. For now, thumbs down on ipad for blogging, and I really dislike they don't allow adobe reader.

    1. Kathleen,
      I agree . I think that I'm going to get a laptop ( mac air) for traveling and call it a day.I'm beginning to feel that the iPad is too trouble for blogging. Anyone have another opinion?

  7. The iPad Camera Connection Kit consists of two adapters, one for connecting your camera via USB, and one that accepts an SD card. To use them, you plug the appropriate adapter into the docking port of your iPad, and plug your camera's USB cable into the other end, or slide in an SD card. You're automatically whisked to a page in the iPad's Photos app that will let you either import all the photos on your device, or click on only the ones you want to import. After importing is complete, you will then be offered the option to delete the photos you uploaded from the camera or SD card. The photos are saved under an Events tab in the Photos app, with each upload session representing an event. You can click on an event to see the photos inside, or view a slide show of all the photos in the event. (It's easy to add slide-show effects, such as rippling every time the photo changes, or music.) Then, when you sync your iPad to your PC, the photos that you uploaded to the iPad will automatically download to your computer.

  8. I've tried to edit blogger on my iPad a couple of times, but the jobbery jobbery html text makes me give up each time. I have managed to link up to meme's from my iPad when I am away from my Mac Book Pro. I usually send a link for my post to my own email. Once it's time to link to another meme, I open the email on my iPad and copy and paste it to the link in the meme. That's about the extent of what I've been able to figure out. I don't mind commenting via my iPad, although I do make a few more errors to be corrected when typing on the small iPad keyboard. That said, I thoroughly enjoy the iPad. Thanks for initiating a discussion. Cherry Kay

  9. hyperlink is easy..
    <a href="url">what you want the link to be</a>
    if you want it to open in a new window, type after the "url" target="new"

    If you want your link to be an image then instead of typing "what you want the link to be, type
    <img src="urlofimage">

  10. mmm-think I'll stick to my laptop. I have an ipad but use it only for browsing and email and photos of course. We watch the occasional film on it too:-) I loved that you linked this up at Seasonal Celebration Sunday!- thank you! Rebecca@Natural Mothers Network x

  11. I find the iPad more useful for surfing the net for research, but not doing any real work on it. A laptop or desktop is much faster. Thanks for sharing this post on Hearth & Soul, someone may have some good advice for you on this.

  12. I don't have an ipad, but an android. There is an android app called "Blogger" which allows me to post from my phone. Perhaps there is something similar for an ipad?

  13. I have an iPad and have posted from it, but I use WordPress. There is a WordPress app which as far as I can tell requires you to post immediately--you can't save a draft--but it is the only way I can find to post a photo. Since I don't usually post photos, I mostly use Safari and post (or edit posts) through the WordPress Web interface (which is what I use on my desktop computer). I do find it more difficult because of the small size of the screen and the fact that some of the buttons don't seem to work so I have to do some things in HTML--which is tricky because you have to switch keyboards to get characters like <. (I use only the onscreen keyboard--I find it easy to type on now that I'm used to it--but that is one reason the screen seems so small; the keyboard takes up half of it!) My article about our recipe binder was written entirely on the iPad.

    My favorite way to use the iPad for blogging is to write the text of my article in Notes which uses a nice large font. Then I copy it, go into WordPress through Safari, paste the text into a post, and save the draft--or maybe post it right away if it is something that needs no links or only a few. Later I can do more fancy stuff to it on my desktop computer.

    I recommend learning some basic HTML. There are lots of guides online, but the way I learned it was to do things using the buttons and then look at the HTML tab to see what code makes those things happen.


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