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     Welcome to my Whole Food Plant-Based Gluten-Free Blog. 

As of 2021, the recipes that I share on this blog are completely gluten-free, vegan, and oil-free. 

 Disclaimer: Prior to 2021, I published recipes that were completely gluten-free, but could be vegetarian or vegan and contained oil. I did not remove those recipes- so if you are searching for vegan oil-free recipes, use only my recipes for the past 2 years or adapt the previous recipes by eliminating the oil and skipping the recipes with eggs.

I hope you find inspriation to eat healthier!  You will really like my easy to make appealing recipes !

Now About Me! 

I am a retired high school teacher, author of the popular cookbook, Easy Plant-Based Soups From Farm To Ladle (which you can purchase below), wife, mother of two and grandma Judee to four adorable grandkids.

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How long have you been gluten free? 
I have been gluten free for over twenty-five years. Prior to adapting to this diet, I had continuous stomach distress, irritable bowel syndrome, and reactions to many foods. 

What is Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance ? 

Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance are not the same. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder; gluten intolerance is not. However, both respond well to a gluten free diet. 

What do I mean that my recipes are "naturally " gluten free?

All of my recipes use natural ingredients, as opposed to processed or commercial foods manufactured as gluten free. Since gluten is only found in three ingredients (and their by-products), I eliminate rye, wheat, and barley, and anything made from those grains such as barley malt, wheat germ, etc. Therefore, my recipes are 
"natural" and contain familiar food products. My recipes are healthy and because I use whole food ingredients.

Would you like to be a guest blogger?

I welcome guest bloggers who want to blog about a lifestyle that is gluten free or a weight loss journey. If you include any recipes, they need to be vegan plant-based as well as gluten free and use real food ingredients as opposed to processed foods. In addition, I have had guest bloggers tell their weight loss stories, and that seems to be very popular with readers. Please contact me at vegyid2@yahoo.com if you would to share a guest post or if you would like me to write a guest post for your blog.


  1. Hi Judee- Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. You inspire me to want to eat better. Nice to meet you!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.
    I'm glad to have discovered your blog as well. :)


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