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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Peter, Paul, and Mary's Tribute to Hanukkah

Do you remember Peter, Paul, and Mary? 
They were a very popular singing group who recorded and performed folk songs in the 1960's such as, If I had a Hammer, Blowing in the Wind, Lemon Tree, Where Have all the Flowers Gone, etc.  In this Youtube they perform If I had a hammer (1960's)

What you might not remember is their amazing song, Light One Candle from the 1980's. 

From Wikipedia:

"The first performance of the song was at a 1982 concert in Carnegie Hall.[1]

The song was written in 1982[2] by group member Peter Yarrow as a pacifist response to the 1982 Lebanon War (with Israel), an intention was reflected in the lyrics "Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand, Light one candle for the wisdom to know when the peacemaker's time is at hand."[3][1]

In 1983, the three singers (only Peter is Jewish) traveled to Israel to perform at an large outdoor concert in the holy city of Jerusalem.

a hanukkah menorah with a bowl of cookies and a box

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah/Hanukkah. 

We light our Hanukkah candles this year with heavy hearts remembering the horrific atrocities that recently transpired in Israel targeting babies, children, women, and the elderly. We pray for the release of all of the innocent hostages that were brutally abducted and are being kept in prisoners in dark underground tunnels. We mourn for the many that were not taken as hostages, but instead were burned alive or beheaded, some after first being brutally raped. 

Where is the antisemitism coming from on college campuses? 

An organzation called, "Students for Justice in Palestine" is a student group on every college campus in the US, is sponsored and funded by Muslim organizations for the sole purpose of spreading anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiment on campus.  This group has been very diligent and very successful over the past 15 years advocating for BDS (Boycott against Israel goods and anything relating to Israel and Judaism).  Much of their rhetoric and accusations are based on lies. For example, "Israel is oppressing the people of Gaza." " Free Gaza". 

Truth is Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and Gaza has been under the rule of Hamas since then which Gaza voted for." 

Peter, Paul, and Mary's Hanukkah song, written during the Israel Lebanon war, is a song of hope for peace. It looks back to the story of Hannukah, the early struggle 2,000 years ago when the Jewish Maccabees defended Jerusalem against the  mighty Assyrian army and saved the Jewish people and the holy Temple that the Assyrians had desecrated. That is the miracle of Hanukkah. 

Peter, Paul, and Mary powerful Hanukkah song is still a reminder to be strong and have hope during the current situation of terror, war, and the anti-semitism that is brewing right now in the world and especially college campuses.   

The song below is beautiful, inspiring, and worth taking a few minutes to listen to it. 

Hanukkah is The Festival of Lights
The chorus of the song:
 "Don't let the light go out, It's lasted for so many years. Don't let the light go out, Let it shine through our love and our tears.


  1. I don't know about the group, the song is really nice though. Happy Hanukkah, Judee.

  2. I hope you can celebrate with love in your heart, even in these times. May peace ascend quickly and life return to living with one another, and not against them. Take care my friend.

  3. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family Judee!!

  4. Happy Hanukkah! Blessings to you and your family this season and always!

  5. Beautiful post thank you for sharing I am in my mid 70's so yes I remember this group well

  6. Happy Hanukkah!!...enjoy your family....Abrazotes, Marcela

  7. I do remember Peter, Paul, and Mary! If only from my parents and the Forrest Gump soundtrack. I always liked them and their mellow sound. I didn't know about their Just One Light song, though. It's beautiful and, as you say, more important now than ever. I wish you and your family a very happy Hanukkah. 🌟🌟🌟

  8. Thank you for shining a light on this War, and the truths a lot of people need to hear. Chag sameach.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime https://tandysinclair.com

  9. Happy Hanukkah to you and your loved ones.

  10. You are so right about the perversion of ideas like "justice" in the service of promoting antisemitism and the desire to destroy Israel and in many cases, the goal of destroying all Jews. It's horrifying to watch the transformation of attitudes in our culture, especially the attacks on college students.
    Good post!
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  11. PPM's holiday album is one of my very favorites and a must play (multiple times) over the season. I send Hanukkah wishes to you and your family and prayers that next year's Hanukkah will be a time of considerably less sadness and threat in the world. It's a frightening time. Hold onto the joy and yes, many prayers for peace, understanding and growth for the narrow minded.

  12. Yes, Peter, Paul, and Mary were a highly influential folk group in the 1960s, and their songs, including "If I Had a Hammer," have left a lasting impact. Their harmonious voices and socially conscious lyrics resonated with many during that era.

  13. Happy Holidays - even with a heavy heart - here's to a wonderful new year!


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