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Monday, October 23, 2023

Carrot Apple Breakfast Slaw- Vegan

bowl of grated carrots and apples, vegan, gluten free

Grated carrots, apples, and pomegranates- oh my!! A deliciously sweet juicy slaw loaded with valuable antioxidants and nutrients. 

You know what they say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and "carrots are good for the eyes"- Together they are powerful!

Lately I'm also hearing that "a carrot a day keeps the doctor away" because it has amazing health benefits. Dr. Eric Berg is a strong advocate of a low carb diet, yet he still feels that one carrot a day is essential on a very low carb diet. 

You can watch his video to find out why he feels it can reduce the risk of cancer and inflammation and not interfere with ketosis. 

This video is excellent, informative, and worth the watch! 

As a vegan, I do not follow a low carb diet. I eat whole food carbohydrate rich foods but low fat diet which helps keep my AIC at a 5.0 !!. 

Protective antioxidants, such as those found in uncooked apples and carrots, may help us build stronger immunity against colds, flu, and degenerative diseases.

Free Apples Leaves photo and picture

This simple finely grated slaw is juicy, delicious, and colorful. It's a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients that can be eaten with breakfast or for alone for a snack. I make enough for just one serving, (the apples will turn brown) and I consume it immediately (lots of fiber).

Free Grating Carrot photo and picture
I like to use the even finer whole on the grater than this the one shown to grate the carrots

I use a common hand grater to grate a carrot on the finest hole so it's very thin, and the apple on the little larger hole so it doesn't get mushy.

Apple Grated photo and picture

One carrot and one apple are enough for this one person recipe. 

Apples photo and picture

I happened to have a pomegranate on hand, so I added some of the seeds for color and additional antioxidants.

bowl of grated apples and grated carrots

If you or a family member are trying to eat more fruit or vegetables, this juicy slaw might appeal to you or a family member. 
I think it is delicious, nutritious, and full of fiber!!

I enjoy it with breakfast along with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal.

1 medium organic apple, washed well
1 medium organic carrot, washed well
1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice 
Optional: 1/4 cup of pomegranate seeds

Grate the carrot on the finest whole on the hand grater, grate the apple of a larger whole such as the whole shown in the photo of the hand grater above. Add lemon juice and the pomegranate seeds if desired.

My Notes: 
I use a hand grater for this recipe. It's fast and simple and no need to take out the food processor for this one. 

Pray for peace and an end to hatred; 
I wish the violence could stop but we already know from Nazi Germany what happens when we don't fight back.
 "From New York to London, St. Louis to Sydney, Jewish communities are grappling with hate and bigotry that often flare up whenever the Middle East erupts." (source)
"It's just a sad fact that whenever conflict arises between Israel and the Palestinians, Jews in all parts of the world will suffer some level of hate violence," said Heidi Beirich, co-founder of Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. (source) 


  1. I like to add fruit to carrot salad too. My husband doesn't eat salads without fruit.

  2. The Israelis seem to be concentrating their ability to protect themselves after their terrible lapse in vigilance. We can only hope they succeed once more, and hope that antisemitism worldwide will become less virulent if peace breaks out!

    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Every day I fill a three-cup container with vegetables as part of my lunch. The selection varies by what looks good at the store, but always includes carrots.

  4. We eat carrots every day. I used to have an apple a day but I've gone off them for some reason. Luckily we've had very little issues here with anti semitism. We live among a large Muslim Community so I hope it stays that way.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime https://tandysinclair.com

  5. Raw carrots and apples are a natural pairing. We should absolutely get more of these ingredients in our diets everyday. We would all be a little healthier for sure! Thanks for sharing this cool breakfast slaw recipe.

  6. What a delicious slaw....perfect for oatmeal.........Abrazotes, Marcela

  7. This looks wonderful, Judee -- I love carrots and apples and they sound completely awesome in a salad together! Although I am afraid I would grate a knuckle doing it they way you do, so I'd use my salad shooter, haha! We pray daily for the peace of Israel. xoxo

  8. I am trying to eat more and more fruits and veggies so thank you for sharing this. This will make a nice mid morning snack.

  9. I eat a lot of apples and carrots, especially in fall and winter, so this is a winner in my book. Great addition to a oatmeal or even as a side to a lunch or dinner.

  10. Oooh, pomegranate seeds -- what a racy (and delicious) start to the day! This sounds delicious!

  11. So vibrant and soooo healthy1 I usually add some red beet but this one works great too, of course!

  12. This looks delicious! My mother used to make carrot salad all of the time, but I don’t think I have ever made it. You have inspired me here, and I’m going to make this tomorrow.

  13. This dish is nice to have for breakfast. I love apples, especially in the Fall, so your apple photos made me smile. It was nice to hear that you and your family go to the pumpkin patch each Autumn season.

    Have a splendid weekend.


  14. What a fun -- and informative! -- post. I like the idea of apples and carrots teaming up for us. And your apple tablecloth is, of course, adorable. 🍎🥕

  15. Yumm! This looks so healthy and delish! 😋

    Hugs and blessings, Judee.

  16. This looks wonderful, fresh and healthy. Thanks!

  17. A tasty and nutritious slaw.

    All the best Jan


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