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Monday, October 9, 2023

Beautiful Murals in Philadelphia

Free Love Philadelphia photo and picture

We met friends for dinner in the city of Philadelphia last week. 
(We live 1/2 hour from downtown Philly)

Free City Cityscape photo and picture

I am always blown away with the amazing murals that one sees throughout Philadelphia, which are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. 

I've learned that Philadelphia has an organization called, Mural Arts Philadelphia (link to website) which encourages and helps professional artists and young Philadelphians to share their artistic talents on the walls of the large buildings throughout the city.

The organization's goal is to help eliminate or minimize graffiti by giving opportunities to the public to participate in their extensive mural program. 

This highly successful organization has produced over 4,000 stunning murals to date in the city of Philadelphia!!!

I'm sharing just a few that I passed by when we went out for dinner in the city last week.

mural on a building in Philadelphia

I'm planning to take an organized walking tour with a professional tour guide. There are many tours to choose from on their website 

mural on a wall in Philadelphia

They are all grand and spectacular. There are many that tell a story  especially when you first enter Philadelphia from the highway. (I didn't get a photo of any of those).

mural on a wall in Philadelphia

mural in Philadelphia

I'm hoping to be able to share many more after I take the walking tour!

Sharing my murals on Mural Monday where you can view wonderful murals and street art from all over the world. 

My heart and prayers goes to the country of Israel. Home to so many Jews, Arabs, and Christians who live in peace together in a civilized democratic modern thriving society where education is open to all, medical open to all, women live as they do in America. 

The hatred comes from outside Israel from surrounding Arab countries who have been shouting Death to the Jews and Death to Americans since my husband was born in Egypt in 1949 to one of the thousands of Jewish families living in Egypt for generations. No, Jewish people are not NEW to the Middle East. 

BTW- Hamas who has done the attacking is not a country. It is a terrorist organization. Not everyone in Gaza supports that organization. Read (link to Amazon)

The current massacre of civilians (babies, children, women, and elderly) in their beds in their homes during the last few days is barbaric and heinous.  

It is frightening that there are over 800 killed in their homes and on walking on the streets as of today.  2500 seriously injured in hospitals, and 150 kidnapped (including some Americans). 

Israel has the right and the duty to its citizens (Arab, Christian, Druzes and Jews who all live peacefully in Israel) to defend itself And it will.  As they said after the Holocaust, 
" Never Again" 


  1. Great mural finds, they are fantastic! Thanks for participating in Monday Murals. The world is going crazy, wish people would stop hating each other because of religion or skin colour!

  2. Beautiful murals and I love how the city works to keep art alive and graffiti in check. My heart is stunned as I read your words and chills shot out of my soul under my skin.
    How much power will ever be enough for barbaric people...

  3. Beautiful murals!....I'm glad you enjoyed them!.......Abrazotes, Marcela

  4. So many innocent people in danger. I hope your family and friends are safe.

  5. Love the beautiful murals you've shared and your wise thoughts on the war. It breaks my heart. Hugs, Diane

  6. Thank you for sharing the murals, they really are wonderful. Karen (Back Road Journal)

  7. What a great idea for Philadelphia to promote murals, rather than the negativity of some of the graffiti one sees. Those are beautiful examples. This war -- it's breaking my heart.

  8. Thanks Judee for this post of murals and expression of horror about the situation in Israel. Praying the Israeli gov't does the next right thing.

  9. The murals are stunning! And this War will hopefully be the end of Hamas. It's enough of living in fear.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime https://tandysinclair.com

  10. Your summary of Israel’s democratic and pluralistic nature is excellent, and I’m with you 100% in condemning the terrorist efforts to do as much damage as they can for no human reason. I too hope that Israel succeeds in both discrediting and destroying this monstrosity.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what has happened in Israel. It is truly heart-breaking. It's so alarming the anti-Semitic protests that are happening here in the US. How did so many get so deceived?

  12. Philly's 4000+ murals puts my city's 180 to shame. You found some beauties.

    What Hamas did at that Music Festival is enough to make anyone sick. So glad we are standing with the UK, France, and Germany in support of the Israelis.

    I got a "Failed to Publish," so not sure when you will see this.

  13. The attacks on Israel were sickening and impossible to comprehend. I hope your family and friends are all well. (Thanks for the gorgeous murals -- lovely discoveries!)

  14. I've spent many happy hours in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. For two years in the early aughts we lived in Williamstown, New Jersey -- on a clear day, from the Black Horse Pike you could see Philly. I was most recently there on a trip in 2011 and enjoyed it so much. I love street art and the murals are fascinating. God bless the people of Israel, with whom we stand one hundred percent. xoxo


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