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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Summer Sangria Punch -Cold and Icy

Sangria Glass photo and picture

Nothing hits the spot like an icy cold glass of summer sangria punch using red or white wine, white or red grape juice, and fresh chopped up fruit. I'll be making a pitcher or two for our July 4th celebration. 
It is gluten free and vegan too!

Fruits Food photo and picture

Sangria, a drink that originated in Spain and Portugal, is easy to make and is cold and refreshing. You can be as creative as you like with the ingredients for making your personal sangria punch. 

Red Wine photo and picture

Much lighter than straight wine, I've enjoyed sangria made in a variety of ways, with a variety of fruits, a variety of juices, brandy, or other liquors. 

If you don't drink alcohol, just leave out the wine and use a red or white grape juice instead.

My Basic Sangria Punch
Start with a bottle of red wine, add fresh juicy berries, cut up apple, and  some citrus fruits of your choice, some bubbly (seltzer or Prosecco), a little orange juice, and chill until nice and cold. Pour over crushed ice or small ice cubes and serve with a large sprig of fresh mint.

Makes a nice pitcher of punch!

Healthy Citrus slices of oranges, grapefruit

Whether you choose to make your Sangria using white wine or red wine, it's the perfect fruity drink for hot summer nights.

Sangria Olives photo and picture

Pair your sangria with some salty, smoky, or spicy appetizers such as olives, spinach dip, or hummus and (GF) crackers or any kind of tapas!

Moroccan Appetizers photo and picture

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  1. Your sangria punch looks divine!
    So perfect for summer.

    Hugs and blessings, Judee

  2. Sounds and looks really wonderful!

  3. What a gorgeous looking post and it looks so delicious too. Great photos!

  4. Yum! This looks so refreshing -- and the perfect accompaniment to just about anybody's favorite spicy food, right?

  5. Great idea for July 4th!!....Looks wonderful!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  6. I love the patriotic twist you've added to this drink... and it looks so refreshing!

  7. Oh my Goodness. I love the vibrant color. Perfect for summer.

  8. This is a good post to read. I am grateful that you shared.

  9. What a lovely sangria - yum
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  10. I love sangria but never had a recipe. Now I do and it looks wonderful in every way. Thanks for stopping by the blog, too! Happy week!

  11. The sangria looks delicious. It's always a summertime favorite of mine.

  12. This is gorgeous . I love, love a good sangria. Thanks for the inspiration.


  13. This looks so refreshing, and so in keeping with your trip to Spain! It's summer in a pitcher! 🍹🌞

  14. An absolutely perfect summer party drink - a pitcher of Sangria!

  15. This looks amazingly delicious. I recently received a bottle of red wine that is a bit on the sweet side, and not one that I am inclined to drink on its own. It would, however, make an excellent sangria. Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t had sangria in ages and I’m overdue.

  16. I've encountered sangria that had some liqueur or other alcohol boost along with the wine, but this sounds good and refreshing. Perfect for the heat.
    Looks like you have a couple of spammers in the comments here. They are really becoming annoying.
    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  17. I love a good sangria! Unfortunately I have had some very average ones, but I am happy to keep on trying in the search for good ones. Yours looks very pretty!

    Thanks for sharing it with Weekend Cooking.

  18. I love a delicious Sangria! These look wonderful!

  19. I think I should make the alcohol free version for our hot summer days! That is a great idea :)

  20. Oh my, this sounds amazing!
    Visiting from SSPS 269 #120&121.

  21. I love all those berries! What a gorgeous sangria!

  22. ... and I certainly hope you enjoyed a refreshing glass on the 4th !

    All the best Jan


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