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Friday, February 4, 2022

Vegan Burrito with Easy Navy Bean Hummus

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Who wouldn't love a delicious stuffed burrito filled with favorite fillings such as mashed beans, sprouts, chopped lettuce, hummus, chopped, avocado, scallions, and, salsa or something pickled? I make mine  gluten-free and plant-based and we eat them for lunch or dinner.

Traditionally, I might have used black beans or canned vegan refried beans, but I did not have any, so I had to be creative. All I had was some lentils and a can of navy beans and lots of stuff for toppings. 

vegan, gluten-free,  taco bar
Toppings from my Taco/Burrito party a few years ago 

This time, I decided to quickly whip up a creamy navy bean hummus  in my food processor. It was very fast and easy and easy to fill into the burrito.

navy bean dip

Recipe for Easy Creamy Navy Bean Hummus
I simply peeled a clove of garlic and chopped it in my food processor, added a half can of navy beans, some lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of tahini, water, salt, cracked pepper. I also had a cup of well cooked and well drained cauliflower which I added.- (but you don't have to ). I Whizzed all together for a creamy navy bean spread which I used as my base for the burrito. 

Make It (Your Burrito) Your Way
You could use whatever you have available to fill your burrito (mashed beans, chopped sweet peppers, chopped red or green cabbage, red onion, sprouts, etc.) It makes a tasty healthy plant-based lunch that was filling and delicious. A burrito wrap and travels well for the office, school, or shopping spree and this burrito is vegan and gluten-free. 

I topped it with chopped tomato, cubed avocado, lettuce and, chopped scallion. 
My favorite gluten-free (and vegan) wraps are by a brand called Bfree.. I find them at Publix in South Florida. I believe they sell them nationally in perhaps Whole Foods, Wallmart Superstores, etc. They were on the shelf in the wrap display, not in the freezer case. They are a little pricey but really good and low in fat. They have many varieties including Pita Bread!!!

Burrito, Food, Mexican, Tortilla, Dinner

Although unnecessary, adding steamed and drained cauliflower to the hummus lowers the calories and raises the nutritional value.

If you don't have any wraps- make yourself a burrito bowl. 
What is a burrito bowl? Well it contains everything except the wrap.

What's for dinner tonight? Burritos! 

mexican pottery



  1. They look delectable! Wish I could eat beans without tummy problem!

  2. My husband and I are having more vegetarian meals every week. We thoroughly enjoy, lentil, quinoa, and a variety of beans these days. You always have great ideas. Thank you.

  3. What a fun post Judee and wonderful recipe idea. I Love Mexican food and will sure try to replicate this vegan navy bean and hummus burrito. Will pin as well.

  4. Your burrito party looks like it was a blast! Everything's so fresh and colorful, and your Mi Casa es Su Casa sign is so cute. :)


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