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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Is It A Cold, The Flu, or Covid?

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There is nothing more frightening than getting sick right now. 
We all fear it might be Covid. 

Despite being double vaccinated, boosted, wearing a mask, and not eating inside of restaurants, I did indeed contact Covid.

MY PCR Covid Test #1 was negative (Friday)

I went to get a professional Covid PCR test on Friday morning  (not because I had any symptoms but I was going to visit someone who had cancer and wanted to make sure I was ok). The test came back negative for me (and my husband) thankfully we thought.

My PCR Covid Test #2 was Positive- (Monday)

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Things to know about Covid Testing: 
1. The rapid Covid test may not be reliable if you have Covid- many people test negative on the rapid test only to find out a day or two later that their PCR test came back positive. 

2.   The CDC. recommends waiting at least 5 days after exposure before testing for Covid to make sure it is detectable in your system (source). I know a few people (and myself) who had inaccurate PCR tests showing a negative result only to show positive if they retest a few days later.

This is what happened to me after a negative Covid Test.

Saturday-woke up very sick
Saturday, the next morning, I woke up with a fever of 101 (my normal temperature is 96.6). I had a bad headache, some mild congestion, and was very tired. In fact, I slept from Saturday morning until Sunday morning (yes, 24 hours) with only getting up for bathroom breaks and to drink liquid. I lost my appetite completely and just wanted to sleep. I did not have any breathing issues.

My temperature reduced to 100, and I was able to stay awake all day. I laid in bed and watched all the Hallmark and Christmas shows available. I couldn't really concentrate and just wanted to keep things light as I still had a fever, headache, and fatigue. Still no appetite- so I just consumed liquids. 

Monday- My temperature reduced to 99. (For me that is still fever since I normally run 96.6). My appetite returned, and the headache subsided, but I was still exhausted and started to feel some congestion in the form of nasal drip and some hoarseness. 

I decided to go for another PCR test.

Covid PCR Test #2-
I found out that it is not accurate to get a Covid PCR test until 4-5 days after exposure to Covid. Since I had no idea when I was exposed, I decided to go for a second professional test which is very easy, convenient, and free here in Florida. (I'm guessing I was exposed when when I took my husband to a local large hospital for a stress test and remained in the waiting room for 2 hours fully masked.)

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Tuesday - After sweating profusely in the early morning while sleeping, I woke up with a normal temp for me-96.6 and felt much better. I got up, washed the sheets, disinfected the room (my husband was sleeping in the other room on the sofa) - we live in a condo. and thought all was clear. That afternoon I received the results of my second PCR Covid Test. - I WAS POSITIVE- but by now the worst of my symptoms were over by the time I found out. 

Wed, Thursday, Friday
My temperature rose back to 98. 3 which made me feel not well since it is a low grade fever for me, the nasal drip got worse, and I lost my sense of smell- not taste- just smell. My appetite was normal but I was tired again too. 

Saturday (Christmas Day)
After breaking out in a sweat while sleeping in the early morning, my temp is now normal again. I feel normal and have just a little bit of congestion. I'm hoping this is it and I am back to normal. My sense of smell has returned too. I hope my energy comes back. 

I am grateful I took the booster- since they say it lessens the severity if you get Covid. I am grateful. 

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I continued to take Vitamin D and Vitamin C 

Some Natural Remedies that I took: 

Sponsored Ad - Zicam Ultra Cold Remedy Rapidmelts Tablets Cherry - 18 Count, 3 Pack

Immediately I started taking "Zicam" which is an over the counter 
immune building cold remedy that is sold in every pharmacy, BJ's, and Costco. I keep it all the time in my medicine cabinet. When I feel a cold or sore throat starting, I start taking it. It works for me if I use it before the cold or sore throat gets full blown. It is basically a Zinc based cold remedy. 

Oranges, Citrus Fruits, Fruits, Healthy

Homemade Vitamin C Shock Therapy
 I started  what Anthony Williams calls Vitamin C Shock Therapy (recipe and source). It was easy to make and I felt like I was drinking a 'hot toddy" without the liquor. It was soothing and fortifying. 
I love this amazing drink (which I have made before) but this time I used what I had on hand. This is what I did. 

Lemonade, Drink, Beverage, Fruit Drink, Juice

1 wide mouth mason jar 
2 cups of warm/not boiling water
1 cup of room temp water 
1 tablespoon of raw honey
Juice of one full orange, lemon, or lime squeezed fresh
1-2 capsules of Vitamin C, opened and contents poured into the drink. 

Add everything to the mason jar and stir. I drank it over the next hour   Everything got into my system quickly. I repeated 2-3 times/day.

Cat's Claw Tea

I bought it in the local supermarket (Publix) 

Tea Cup, Vintage Tea Cup, Tea, Cup

Cat's claw is thought to help build the immune system. 


Honey, Honeycomb, Food, Healthy, Organic

Raw Honey- may contain antibacterial properties


In South Florida where I live,  it is very easy to get PCR tested. 
There are free booths every few blocks and no appointment necessary. In fact, I'm in walking distance to about 4 places (1 mile). And they give you the results of the PCR test in about 5 hours. 

The Zicam, Vitamin C Shock Therapy, and hot soup helped. After 8 days my fever is normal I'm feeling much better. This was no joke and I think I had a mild version.

PS -I continued to have 98 and congestion for a few more days after I wrote this blog post which for me was uncomfortable. As of Day 11, I now think I'm back to normal. 

What has been your experience with Covid? 




  1. I am glad that you are on the mend, Judee. With all the protection, one can still get covid..it's just terrible. Thank you for sharing your experience here.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Angie- I had a relatively mild case and I was still sick for 8 days and I am still tired. Merry Christmas to you too..

  2. Oh Judee, that's terrible! I'm so sorry you got COVID despite taking every possible precaution and had to endure such a harrowing week. As you say, it's so good that you got the booster to prevent it from being so much worse. (I got mine last week.) Still, it's frightening to realize that COVID is a condition of relative horror and that you were one of the lucky ones. I'm so happy that you seem to be on the mend and wish you continued good health. Thanks for the helpful wellness tips. I like the idea of cat's claw tea with honey, and the pic of the teacup is charming.

  3. I am so sorry. That is terrible news. It probably was the hospital waiting room. I am even worried about sitting in my doctor's waiting room. I'm glad you’re on the mend. I live in Florida on the west coast, and it's been really chilly here. Really chilly. 48 one night! So you're not missing a thing being cooped up. Hope you're well soon!

  4. So sorry to hear that. Hoping for your quick recovery🙏. The soup and the tea looks good for you. Take care.

  5. My comment disappeared before my eyes! Step daughter told us she tested positive yesterday. Double vaxxed, boostered, double mask. No idea where she caught it.
    Get well!

  6. Trying again ...
    I'm so sorry you got COVID, Judee. I hope you've fully recovered. Your suggestions are bound to help folks feel better if they get mild cases.


  7. Wow. This was so informative. I came by to thank you for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy -- I think last week. Who knows. At the holidays I can't tell one week from another. But I've been slow in responding and wanted to say thank you. As I was reading down your posts I saw this. I'm so sorry you have had to contend with this. So far, knock wood, I've been lucky. I'm one of those high risk people so I'm keeping a really low profile (Michigan is on fire with Covid these days). I'm grateful you are better now and negative and I learned an awful lot from this post. I'm just sorry you had to experience this to be the "teacher."


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