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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Wordless Wednesday-Parsley Caterpillars

Wordless Wednesday 

These beautiful green and black caterpillars ate every morsel of my parsley plant. One day it was lush and full of parsley and the next day all the curly parsley was stripped and gone!

So much for growing herbs on my deck!!

likes dill too

These caterpillars will turn into the Black Swallowtail Butterfly

With all the rain, we also had a little unexpected visitor on our deck- I've never seen a frog in my yard before!

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  1. Well I guess it might be worth it if they are turning into butterflies. I never knew what their caterpillars looked like. I wonder what is killing my basil.

    1. I think if it were these guys, you would see them! Yes, my parsley is coming back and the caterpillars are not butterflies and won't bother my plants

  2. colleen,
    I have to tell you I was shocked when all of my parsley was GONE! It's growing back now and I think all the caterpillars are now butterflies so I should be ok.

  3. o poor parsley plants and I am not sure I would find the catepillars beautiful LOL...

  4. Caterpillars give me the heebie jeebies but they look so pretty in your photos!

    Happy Wednesday, Judee.

  5. Sorry about your plants but damn that caterpiller itself really looked beautiful!


  6. It so heart breaking to see you blooming plants gone. But then knowing the caterpillars would turn into such beautiful butterfly, you are able to keep a happy heart...... and the plant is back in shape too. Good post Judee

  7. i think that was a good swop. The parsley will grow back but butterflies across the world are in decline.

  8. What absolute scoundrels LOL I liked the photos though :-)

    Have a parsleyfultastic week :-)

  9. Traveler in me,
    Yes, I was sad to see all my beautiful parsley that I waited so long for - Gone

  10. Beautiful colors on the caterpillar and butterfly. Amazing how that thing completely changes.

  11. Sorry about your parsley but if it were me I'd love to have a butterfly cocoon on my deck and watch a beautiful swallowtail emerge.

  12. Sorry about your herb garden. It's a job keeping pests out of the garden...Little green worms get on my petunias all the time.

  13. Look at all the food you provided the critters. That's a good thing.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  14. I had the same thing happen to my parsley too! I tried to take the caterpillars and put them on Queen Anne's Lace (a relative of parsley) growing in the meadow near my house so they wouldn't starve when the parsley all got eaten.

  15. We've had caterpillars like that. They are pretty, but do damage for sure.


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