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Monday, January 7, 2019

How to Make Chickpeas in the Instant Pot

How do you cook chickpeas in the Instant Pot? 
There is nothing easier than cooking chickpeas in the Instant Pot-soaked beans cook for 16 minutes.

1. Soak 8 ounces of dry chickpeas overnight or for 8 hours-
2. Discard liquid, place chickpeas in the Instant Pot, and add 6 cups of water, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 bay leaves, salt and pepper- 
3. Secure lid, close steam valve, and set to pressure cook for 16 minutes. 
4. When done, release steam manually according to the manufacturer's instructions.

I use my Instant Pot for just about everything. Being vegetarian, I use a substantial amount of beans in recipes. The Instant Pot makes cooking beans a cinch and cooking my own chick peas, black beans, pinto beans, etc.( verses using canned beans) not only saves money, but it also reduces our exposure to the harmful toxins and chemicals that leach into food from metal cans.

What kind of harmful toxins and chemicals you ask? 

1. Aluminum  - 
  • Metals such as aluminum can leach into the food (especially if it is acidic like chopped tomatoes) and accumulate in your organs. Studies show higher levels of aluminum accumulation in the brains of Alzheimers patients indicating that aluminum may contribute to Alzheimers.
2. BPA - 
  • BPA, which is found in cans, plastics water bottles and the lining of lids for jars, can affect hormone levels in the body and behave similarly to estrogen. High levels of estrogen are not good for us- may even be linked to breast cancer.
  • An article posted in The Breast Cancer Prevention Partners website explains the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA). "This hormonally active chemical in the lining of canned foods has been linked to breast cancer and a host of other health concerns. What’s meant to be a protective barrier between the metal and the can’s contents actually leaches this toxic chemical into the food we eat."- This is not an isolated article. I've been reading for years about this problem. I've included links. https://www.thealternativedaily.com/bpa-exposure-from-canned-food/

In addition, pressure cooking your beans tastes great!
I cook beans on Mondays and they last until Thursday! 
Of course you can also freeze cooked beans-

creamy homemade hummus www.realfoodblogger.com

I use cooked beans to make homemade Humus, chick pea salads, Chick pea ( tuna like ) spread for gf sandwiches. In addition, I add cooked chickpeas to soups etc. Chickpeas are a great source of plant based protein which is low in fat and calories! It's a winner!!


  1. Quick and easy...who needs those jar chickpeas? Definitely a winner!

    1. Yes, the Instant Pot has been a real timesaver for me, especially for beans and grains.

  2. Wish more people knew about the health ramifications of eating foods that are packed in aluminum
    cans, especially those that have BPA. I use pots, pans, baking equipment, and food storage containers that don't contain plastic or aluminum to be on the safe side. I will share this excellent post to spread the word.

  3. Thanks for the citation, Judee! Here's our full page on BPA https://www.bcpp.org/resource/bisphenol-a/


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