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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Depression, Anxiety, and Copper IUD

Copper toxicity and Panic Attacks and Depression

I hesitated to write this post because it is about depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I am not a medical doctor and certainly am not trying to diagnose or treat disease. 

I'm sharing information that I've read about and also had first hand experience with. I'm sharing because I feel it could be helpful to others. 

I feel that the information about copper toxicity and depression, panic attacks, and anxiety is really important and not always recognized or understood by many medical doctors or holistic doctors. 

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A Friend's Story

Recently, a friend of mine became very depressed out of the blue. So much so that she was not able to concentrate enough to go to work. She was prone to crying all day and exhausted. It was out of character for her. She never had a history of depression and was normally confident and independent. She started to feel helpless and that she couldn't depend on herself. 
She felt fearful and like she was falling apart.

My friend went to her family doctor and many specialists. She had every possible test taken including thyroid, blood sugar, cholesterol, heart, liver, etc. that could possibly reveal an imbalance, a medical problem, or a nutritional deficiency. 

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Every test revealed that she was totally healthy.
Yet, she still felt exhausted, depressed, unable to function or eat. She did not have anything upsetting her or bothering her. She was unable to perform the work duties that she had been proficient at for the past 25 years. She was crying constantly and felt incapable and helpless. 

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She eventually consulted a holistic doctor out of desperation. This doctor suggested an 80% raw food diet ( many of these foods were high in copper such as avocado and mushrooms), many supplements (which contained copper), yoga, deep breathing, herbs, herbal teas etc. 
She bought everything and took everything and still didn't feel any better- she actually felt worse. This practitioner didn't know about copper toxicity and how it affects women and how difficult it can be when copper is detoxed from the body.

My friend feared she might have to take a leave of absence from her job.
No one could understand how she went from a healthy, vibrant, confident, happy, vivacious woman of 46 to a helpless, dependent, crying person in 6 months!

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In desperation, I sat down with her and said-" let's look at what changed in your life over the last 6 months!" She went through her life and felt like nothing had changed - nothing except she had changed her type of birth control to now using
 a new shiny copper IUD!!

The minute she said "copper" IUD- alarms went off in my head!!! 
I was familiar with copper toxicity because of my own experience years back after childbirth and knew that it could make a person feel crazy, depressed, and anxious. I suggested she consider having the copper IUD removed. Although she didn't really believe there could be a connection, she was looking for relief and decided to have it removed by her doctor asap! 

The story has a happy ending- 
A few weeks after removing the copper IUD and taking some nutritional supplements under the care of an experienced  holistic doctor's who understood copper toxicity care to help (flush) the accumulated copper from her system safely and responsibly , she returned to her normal self. 
It's been two years and the depression has not returned-

Swimming Pools May Contain Copper 
Initially, she felt a reaction when she went into a swimming pool, since some of the chemicals used in swimming pools are copper based and copper levels can really build in a swimming pool and then absorb into your body. There are kits that you can use to test the copper levels  in a swimming pool. 

I bought this testing strips to test the copper levels in swimming pools
Now two years later with her copper levels under control, she is able to swim in pools without reactions! You can also test drinking water if you have copper pipes

Copper toxicity and Panic Attacks and Depression
Do you have a copper IUD or exposed to copper through copper pipes, soy foods, vegan diet, PMS, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic containers, etc. swimming pools, etc.? Do you have panic attacks or are depressed? 
You may be suffering from copper toxicity . 

I am posting this information because high copper levels which can come from food, supplements, estrogens,  copper IUD's, copper pipes,  chemicals in swimming pools, foods high in copper, hormonal imbalance after childbirth,  etc. can cause an imbalance in the body that cause symptoms of depression/anxiety/panic attacks + all because of copper accumulation in the body. 

It is very common in women- yet goes undiagnosed.  

HOWEVER, ridding the body of copper is serious as it can cause very servere symptoms as it leaves the body - The liver, the bile, etc. must all be taken into careful consideration and done under the care of an experienced practitioner or medical doctor familiar with these disorders. 

So many suffer because doctors and even holistic practitioners are unfamiliar or unaware of the relationship between high copper levels in the body and depression/anxiety.

Although copper is a nutrient that we need in our body, excess copper (some people accumulate it) can be very toxic. 
I am listing some links that I found on the Internet that you can learn more about it .
You might help yourself or someone you know.

Many swimming pools have chemicals added to them that are copper based. This often many cause a reaction in some sensitive people. 

( Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not trying to diagnose or treat disease- consult your medical doctor if you have panic attacks or depression - the information here is for educational purposes only.- I have no affiliation with any of the attached links. I am not recommending nor endorsing them- I just found them on the Internet and am sharing.

-Please evaluate each article for yourself and read at your own risk- again consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet or taking any supplements )


Some websites that I found with good information : 

A very good article 

Good article

One woman's Experience and treatment : 

Analytics Research Lab, specialists on nutrition and the science of balancing body chemistry:  http://www.arltma.com/Articles/CopperElimDoc.htm

A very thorough description of Copper Overload by Dr. Michael Lam:

Aviva Allergy and Wellness Solutions; Susan Cachay is the Registered Nutritional Consultant 

A description of "Copper Toxicity Syndrome" by Dr. Lawrence Wilson:

A description of Copper Toxicity by Holistic Nutritionist and Author Melissa Diane Smith

A book published by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD and nutritionist, about Copper Toxicity. 

Some of the symptoms associated with Copper Toxicity:

Additional website : 
Louise Gittleman: Is Copper making you crazy

Are you familiar with copper toxicity? Do you have anything additional to share?
Please leave a comment ( You must be on the blog, not the Email to leave a comment)

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  1. My husband and I bought copper bracelets in NM last year. I took mine off because my multi vitamin had 100% of my needs, and I know many times we overdose without even knowing it. Thanks for this info, I hope all who need this info, see your piece.


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