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Monday, November 18, 2013

Healtthy Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving

Looking for healthy cranberry recipes for Thanksgiving? So was I....
Thanksgiving is definitely a time when everyone is thinking traditional holiday foods, like cranberries. I found 8 recipes that looked good, were made from real food, and were gluten free and vegan. 

Cranberries are easy to work with and easy to find this time of the year. Why not make your own cranberry sauce? If you buy commercially made cranberry sauce, you are eating a really heavily sugared product that has been heated to the point of destroying nutritional value. And who wants to eat from a can and risk ingesting heavy  metals, and BPA when you can get fresh ( I got fresh organic for a reasonable price at Trader Joe's)  and easily make it yourself. 
I found these at Trader Joe's and very reasonable
I've rounded up some interesting real food gluten free recipes using cranberries including my fresh cranberry salad dressing. Add a few raw cranberries to a salad. They are tart , but delicious.

Salad with fresh tart cranberries , apples and sweet honey lemon  dressing

Cranberry Sauce with Apples and Ginger   from Phoenix Helix 
( love the apple and ginger - she gives a great article about the benefits of cranberries too) 

Fermented Cranberry Sauce from Oh Lardy
( fermented foods provide tons of much needed probiotics for good health) Great recipe
Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce from Real Food Forager
Cranberry Fruit Salad from Life by Jeanie

Cranberry Cherry Applesauce from Real Food and Holistic Living

( looks amazing uses frozen cherries) 

Homemade Raw Cranberry Sauce  from 3 Boys and a Dog 

(made with dates for sweetener-  looks yummy)

Fresh Cranberry Salad Dressing for ...

Cranberry, Apple, and Almond Quinoa Salad from Oh She Glows

Cranberry Carrot Corn Muffins  ( not vegan, contains eggs)

** I found some of the links on a real food Thanksgiving roundup with a great variety of healthy recipes  at Yearning and Learning

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  1. Great ideas for using cranberries! Thanks for including me!

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas using fresh cranberries and for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.


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