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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Will you gain weight over the holidays?

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I always look forward to the holidays: getting together with family and friends, enjoying special meals, and celebrating. It's such a joyous time, but I also get nervous about gaining weight because we go to parties, entertain, bake, eat out, and overindulge. What I'm realizing is that I have to make a choice in advance

. The "holidays" are going to be celebrated all through December. I have a choice whether to make an eating plan and stick to it, focus on eating healthier foods,  or just be victim to all the rich, plentiful, inviting food that will be all around me, and have a weight gain. I know there will be times that I might falter, but with a plan I might just have a very small weight gain or stay the same. Without a plan, from past experience, I know I can gain at least 5 pounds.
I heard a Weight Watcher lecturer say that most people gain between 5-15 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years! Yikes..

What is your weight loss goal for this month over  the holidays?
Will you gain, lose , or maintain your weight over the holidays?

Please join me in a 30 day action plan for the holidays ( month of Dec)- doesn't matter what eating plan you are following as long as you follow it during the holidays! Leave a comment in the comment section that you are going to create your 30 day month of December plan . 

Interested in being a guest blogger??
I would love to have other bloggers share how they plan to eat healthfully and consciously  during the holidays. Maybe some healthy low cal real food recipes? Some tips etc. 
Email me at vegyid2@yahoo.com if you are interested.
During the month of December, I plan to follow Weight Watchers and track and post everything I'm eating.
I'm doing this for two reasons.
1. I don't want to gain any weight- and would actually like to lose weight
2. I want to eat consciously and healthfully even through the holidays so I feel good
( when I overeat, eat junk, and high carbs which is what's around during the holidays- I feel bloated, tired, and stuffed)

What is your goal for this holiday season? 

Lose Weight? 
           going to stick to your eating plan no matter what!

Maintain your Weight? 
          Enjoy extra food, but with restrictions  

Accept a small gain? 
         Enjoy extra food, and exercise more.

No plan? 
  Don't restrict myself- enjoy all the goodies of the holidays and forget an eating plan

Personally, I just returned from an all inclusive Carribean vacation, and I didn't follow an eating plan. I did a lot of walking , but still managed to gain about 4 pounds. Since, I need to lose those 4 pounds ( and more) I am going to be very conscious of my eating during the month of December, so I don't become one of those Weight Watcher statistics who gain 5-15 pounds during the holidays!

My Plan: 

1. Exercise daily or 5 times/week - I go to the gym and use the Elliptical machine, lift weights twice a week, and jump on my rebounder for about 15 minutes /day. It helps you feel great. Or just walk at least 1/2 hour day.

2. Follow my Weight Watchers plan which includes eating lots of veggies, fresh fruit, and for me beans and small amounts of grain. ( I'll be sharing a recipe for roasted vegetable soup which is warming, filling, delicious, and zero points plus ( I get 26 points plus/day)

3.  Write down what I eat- trust me , it helps to see what I am eating in writing even if I overindulge. It's easier to get back on track. 

4. Plan- this step is vital for me.. I have to plan in advance, especially if we are eating out. 
   Going to a party? bring a vegetable tray
   Going out for dinner? check their menu on line in advance and plan what you will order
   Going shopping? pack some healthy snacks ( cut up veggies, cheese stick, pre- measured food, nuts, a piece of fruit ) 

If I don't plan , I know I will get hungry and sometimes there are no good choices.. so I always have something for me in my purse- 

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  1. For me, my mind frame is that I am not using this holiday season as an excuse to stop following my healthy plan. I will keep working out as I have for the past months. I will continue to plan my food for each week. I will deal with parties and restaurants by thinking through how I will feel after eating whatever I choose. I just got back from a trip to NYC, which involved staying in a hotel for three days with buffets and drinking...I worked out three times, did not drink any alcohol and made good choices at the buffets. I can do this. I hope to lose weight but mostly I hope to just stay focused on what I need to do to feel my best.

  2. I am glad you are sharing this. Out with the jelly doughnuts and fried latkes. I have to lose weight but I can't seem to focus.

    I did start using my treadmill which is a good step. Now for the chocolate........

  3. My husband is trying to lose weight. I'm trying to maintain. I think you are right--having a plan is key. We haven't had a lot of parties yet, but they are coming! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Judee,
    Good question, so far I have lost weight, and that is a great Christmas gift! Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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