Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Vegetarian Rosh Hashanah Lunch Menu

           My Vegetarian Menu For Rosh Hashanah Lunch

Creamy Zucchini Soup ( vegan)

Kale and Apple Waldorf Salad with a Honey Lemon Dressing

Vegan Chopped Liver

Candied Butternut with Pecans and Cranberries ( vegan)


Cider Glazed Butternut squash

Mujadara ( Lentils, rice and caramelized onions)

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  1. The celery pun is hilarious, need to start making up a few family ones as well. Don’t forget your holiday jello with pomegranate, I always thought that so retro cool. Thanks for the link and shana tova! Hehe, the jello is retro cool That’s one way to put it. It’s also not the most practical dish, in retrospect. Shana tova!I would like to take advantage of the pickling cukes at the farmer’s market to make some kosher dill pickles as a condiment for Rosh Hashanah meals. Can you suggest a small-batch recipe without vinegar for an apartment dweller tight on space? The mix of pickling spices and garlic I have put together (coriander, mustard and dill seeds; black peppercorns; bay leaves; hot red pepper pod; Rosh Hashonah Lunch is one of my favorite meals of the year. Lunch for 10 including 3 small children. First of all I would try to involve the children by having them arrange the salad or other dishes. I have found in my own experience with my children that when they are involved, they are more likely to eat the food!Thank you for sharing your article about My Vegetarian Rosh Hashanah Lunch Menu. If You interested to know more information please visit


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